One Journey

The journey has been a bumpy one, but I’ve used every down moment as a light of inspiration.

Learning more about myself in the darkest days, I started to give back to the community, an in December 2012 my life had changed.


Pre 2012



  • Feeling isolated – Life hit me hard. Too much happened at once, leaving me feeling alone. Life caused me to exclude myself at school, in my social circle and my family
  • Not knowing who I were – Feeling isolated made me question who I was. Preferring to stay in my bubble playing video games, I started to lose my life purpose.
  • Dreams crushed – Losing out on an athletics scholarship due to sustaining a knee injury, I had no plan B.
  • No sense of purpose – Having no plan B and with unsuccessful academy football trials under my belt, I lost every sense of purpose and had no willingness to live a fulfilling life.
  • I was defeated – Cancer, bullying, family illnesses and deaths left me feeling deflated. I felt I had nothing left to give and began to sink into a dark hole.


2012 – present

Giving provides the inspiration…


Volunteering 1000s of hours with charities; big and small gave me hope. It showed me we have the power to inspire and it starts with inspiring ourselves.


Telling the story gives me drive…


Every story I share, I learn more about who I am and how I can help others by feeling confident in my experiences.


Seeing the dark, shines the beauty…


Every time I think about my childhood mental health, it shows me my strength. The strength behind opening up is a powerful message, showing we do have control of our actions.


Life is a platform…

IMAG4702 (1)

We have the option whether we live the life we want. My life is to experienced. My life is to be told. My life is to be utilised. We are the platform!!


I am the unknown…


I don’t settle for average. I certainly don’t follow the crowd. What makes us unique are our traits and flaws, beliefs, passions and actions, just to name a few. Embrace who we are is the unknown!


What’s next? Check out my fundraising schedule to find out