The guy who never stops smiling


The cheeky chappy always trying to spread joy and happiness to others.

The self-believer


Former world-record holder, a global conquering charity blog, and just a guy who completed 21 marathons in 21 days in a wheelchair during the beast from the east.

The one who embraces his feelings


A bullied childhood. Family traumas. A suicidal period. Now someone who embraces his feelings and turns his words into blog posts.

The one with the heart set on helping others


A guy who volunteered over 3500 hours, who found love for helping others and using his past to influence the future actions of others.

The story of John Sennett is a real insight into my personal life, with each chapter of my life being shared.

From a guy who used to keep himself to himself to now spreading word about his bullying and suicide story; to name just a few, this blog really does share all!