Disclaimer/Privacy Policy



Third party collaborations

  • ‘The story of John Sennett’ is an honest blog, that at times will work with third parties. When working with third parties, all content will still remain honest and authentic.
  • Transparency will be shown at the bottom of each blog post, with the process of how the third party have communicated and what was agreed.
  • My opinion will always be top priority.


Blog post comments and guest features

  • When I (John) invite someone (for example, another blogger) to comment on a blog post, their name will be in black and bold, clearly highlighted around their comment.
  • The blogger featured will be given an opportunity to share their social media links and blog link with you. I do not accept payment for this and am under no affiliate scheme linked to their blog or social media.
  • All pictures supplied by a blogger will be credited to the individual.
  • No pictures will be accepted from third parties for blog collaborations. Brand work will ONLY feature my own photos.


Privacy Policy

My blog is hosted by WordPress. Please see their Privacy Policy on information regarding data handling.

When do I collect personal information?

When running a collaboration with either a third party (aka a brand) or a Blogger, the information gathered is collected.

  • Name
  • Email Address

The information gathered is gathered for the sole purpose of the collaboration. No other purposes.

What happens with my personal information?

The personal information provided is in a secure, password protected database. The personal information is not shared with any third party.

Only at your discretion will it be passed on or used to contact you regarding another opportunity I see fit.


*The Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on this page was last updated on 14th June 2018.