Why I’m re-telling my story

I’ve shared it before and I’m going to share it again.

When I started this whole journey of life I seem to be on, I was someone who kept himself to himself and didn’t really communicate with the outside world or at times when I should have done, with friends and family.

If you don’t know my story, you’ll soon understand what I mean when I say I’ve turned my negative life events/experiences into moments of inspiration.


Going slightly backwards with my blog feels good. I started blogging in 2014 to tell my story, and I feel it’s time I need to do so again.

I have feelings I want to share

Seeing your Mum battle Breast Cancer when you’re a teenager is tough.

Being bullied to the point you’re running away, have a school attendance of 40% and the authority have been called due to your antics, is hard to deal with.

At my lowest, wanting to take my own life, yet saved by my 4-legged brother’s smile, who suddenly had to be put down due to a stroke, was one of the worst times of my life.

Losing my Nan at a time I needed her and knowing I can’t reach out to her when I was missing her is one life event I’ve never been able to get over.

These feelings are still raw. I haven’t gotten over many of these periods of my life. I’m crying writing this. You know that when I share my story, I put my heart and emotions into each blog post. Each blog post is there to let others know they’re not alone and you can get through it and turn some of the hardest times of your life into future motivations.

Writing helps me to understand and take action

I used to hate writing, but when I started writing for me and getting my thoughts onto paper or onto the screen, I began to understand…

My dark days can be moments of light for others

I’ve gotten more out of blogging than I could have imagined. I’m living a life where my story is having a huge impact on everyone around me and anyone who may enter my life at any moment. Blogging has given me a life where my cheeky personality shines and my thoughts, experiences and events are part of an open book.


I’m not afraid to share these feelings. I’m not scared no more to open up about my past.

It’s taken me time to get to this point. Once I shared a story, I felt a lot better. I felt I could talk about it more. My suicide story…one of the hardest stories I’ve ever told, yet the first time I shared it, 30 students in the room were inspired. A friend shared his story shortly after my darkest blog post went live.

This is why I want share my story again. I want to be an inspiration for those who feel like they can’t. YOU CAN! My story will hopefully open doors for people to share their story once again.

The only limitation is the limitation we put on ourselves.

It’s true! It really is! I’ll share more of my story and you’ll soon see/read how I stopped putting barriers up and inspired myself to take action.

Action that has resulted in saving my life and many more around the world.


13 thoughts on “Why I’m re-telling my story

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s a brave and difficult thing to do but I know you will inspire and help many people 🙂


  2. Your story gave me the chills. Sometimes people with the roughest past are the best motivators. You do make me feel a sense of comfort and that I’m not alone and that’s what I love most about this post. You can tell that you’re doing this from your heart. You’re amazing keep sharing your story.


  3. Cheers to yo, I know shit can be hard af. Losing my mom suddenly made me completely lose it. I left my job, sat on the couch for weeks just watching netflix, sometimes eating all day, sometimes nothing at all, i really lost who I was. It took almost a year to get back to who I sort of was before, but almost all confidence was gone. What really helped me make my way back was being open about it, but also taking on more responsibility . I had gotten a job at a friends wedding dress shop, (friend of my dads really) and she was a raging drunk so in order to keep my job i really kind of started taking over the store to make sure it functioned, and being a leader like that def made me shine again. I don’t have a class to speak in front of but you’re being a leader just the same. keep on helping others, friend. You;re shining right now.


  4. Great post John you always make me think in another way with your writing. Your story is so powerful and I’m so glad that you do blog. You inspire me often and I really love everything you do for the blogging community. You really are gift. I’m grateful that I get to read the content you create. You’re a wonderful man and I’m glad you continue to share. Shine on John!


  5. Writing is an incredible tool, and can be so life-saving. You are a gift, and I’m glad you were able to get through your difficult times, though they still might loom over you. With writing, my only other recommendation is to get a good therapist. You’re strong, and therapy can complement that healing process.

    Thinking of you!


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