The blogging journey I never expected

1 month…that’s all I gave myself. I wasn’t a fan of English at school, so I’m still surprised I’m blogging 4 years on with a love for sharing my story and being part of the industry.

Where/how did it begin?

As part of my blog’s re-focus and slight rebrand, I’m going back to basics and turning my attention yet again on my personal story, life events and how I’ve turned darkness into light.

It was the Summer of 2014. My girlfriend at the time told me I had a story to tell. I was a keen volunteer back then.

Aside my love for volunteering, I didn’t know much about social media or blogging. This has been the beauty of my journey.

I’ve turned nothing into something.


I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve had successes.

I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. To never doubt. To give things a try.

I stood out

Once I was sharing more of my story online, I noticed a few things…

People were sharing their stories

I was influencing. My story was making an impact.

I always struggled to open up growing up. I didn’t want to bear all, but the impact was noticeable when I did begin to open up.


I was sharing more

I could sit here, talk about the discussions I’ve had, but I’m not. Opening up about my story has had a huge impact on me. I talk for England now. I used to hide away. I never spoke up. I preferred keeping myself to myself.

I’m an open book. New reader? You’ll soon learn this about me.

Just like I’ve done before, ‘The story of John Sennett’ is about to get personal again. It was the time I’ve cherished the most. I love helping others.


Over 4000 hours of volunteering later, many stories were shared. I want to see where it’ll take me again. I want to speak up. I want to inspire. I want to create discussions. I want my stories to help others to do the same.

I once thought I was a nobody. When I opened up, I believed I was someone and the more stories I shared, the more my past became my future motivations.

My suicide story.

Bullying story.

Mum and Dad’s Cancer stories.

My struggle with body image and losing my hair.

Sister’s Crohn’s Disease and Stroke stories.


The journey so far has been a rollercoaster, but one I wouldn’t change. These 4 years turning my life into content has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done.

The Blogosphere Magazine feature, the award nominations, celebrity endorsements, radio and newspaper interviews; they’ve all been nice, but the one thing I’ve loved the most is helping others, whilst helping myself.

This new direction for me and my blog will bring a lot of my darkest moments back into the spotlight, and I’m all for bringing my darkest moments back into the spotlight if it means someone out there is given hope. Inspiration. Motivation.


I was once a guy who didn’t have a voice. I was once a guy who didn’t believe. I’m not the same person now. This journey has brought me out of my shell and from here on out, this is my story…


20 thoughts on “The blogging journey I never expected

  1. This is an amazing and inspirational post! One of the hardest things in life is to admit to struggle and own our own stories. I love that you’ve turned it into something incredibly positive and are helping other people along the way. Great post, thanks for sharing!


  2. I feel like this is the true meaning of blogging – to share your thoughts and experiences with the world, and connect with others who have gone through the same. I can’t wait to see what new content you produce, and congrats on sticking around for 4 years!


  3. Great post! I always love reading posts like this because it reminds me that we all have things to share and often when we are having troubles with something it can be comforting to remember that we aren’t alone and if others got through it we can too. Looking forward to reading your new posts and good luck with your rebrand!


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