Am I a blogger?

Like, seriously….

Am I a blogger?

I have no blog schedule. I don’t take pictures at places everyone seems to visit. I don’t have a little blogger pack. Does this mean I’m not a blogger?

On a daily basis, whilst scrolling through Twitter, I see someone living up to the blogger hype and apologising for not getting a blog post out, being online that day or for sharing something they did, that people believe they should have shared.

First, you’re allowed to have a life outside of blogging.

Second, you don’t need to apologise for it!


I’m in the midst of a slight rebrand/relaunch (read this post for more details) and when the decision was made to spice things up a little on the blog, I also decided to stop saying ‘sorry’ and to just do my own thing.

Isn’t this important in blogging? To do the things you love and in ways you want to do them. No-one can take your individuality away from you, but yourself!

What is this ‘blogging’ thing?

How do you describe what blogging is to your friends and family? How do non-bloggers see and understand blogging?

Blogging is different for all of us. For me, it’s a way for me to open up, share my feelings and let my thoughts out. Blogging is a form of therapy for me. I can open up and feel better for it. Blogging is my way to understand what’s happening/happened in my life and the influence it’s had on me, those around me, and also you…my readers.

Do you feel the same? Would you describe blogging this way?

Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t. I guarantee though, you’ll talk about blogging YOUR WAY. We all have different reasons for starting our blog. We all want different things out of blogging.


Some of us prefer photography. Some of us are writers. Does either make us more of a blogger? Doing things your way is a preference. Having a preference makes you different. Being different doesn’t mean you’re not a blogger.

Being different is what makes blogging so special.

You’re your own BLOGGER!

You might have started your blog to help others, similar to me, but not exactly in the same way. We all have different stories. We all have different things to share. No-one is the same. No story is the same. We all had different journey’s to get to the starting point. Our finishing line will be different. The experiences will be different between the two.

What’s my ‘niche’?

Am I a mental health blogger? Am I a fashion blogger? Travel? Lifestyle?


I’m a ‘ME’ blogger. I don’t have a niche. I don’t fit into a category. I don’t tick a box. I talk about everything. My focus is me, my story, the things I love, my thoughts and experiences.

The term ‘niche’ is damaging. We don’t need to feel like we don’t fit in because of the term and as a result, feel like we’re not a blogger because we don’t fit a ‘niche’.

Who decided on this? Who decided on you need to do this or that in blogging to be accepted? To be a blogger? What relevance does the term ‘niche’ have?


Why can’t we just blog for us? Blog about the things we love. We need to stop focusing on what others are doing and just do us. Create a blog for us. Create content for us.

We’re all bloggers. We blog in our own way. We create content in our own way. We communicate in our own way. Don’t take that away from someone because their content isn’t your content.

Bloggers are allowed to have an opinion. They’re allowed to be themselves. They’re allowed to do their own thing.


So am I a blogger?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

I am a blogger. I just decide not to attend events, and do the ‘stereotypical’ blogger things. That doesn’t change the fact I’m a blogger. I’m just blogging in ways I want to blog.


Images shot by Tajinder Kaur


46 thoughts on “Am I a blogger?

    1. Thank you ! I totally agree with all you’ve just said.
      I started mine as a way to gather my thoughts together and make some sense of myself, thinking I’m not a ‘real’ blogger.
      You have just reminded me that my blog is as real as I am.
      Awesome post!


  1. I’ve been struggling on what to label my blog because it doesn’t realky tick just one label. Personal blog? Check. Lifestyle? Check. Health? Check. Political? Check. Creative writing? Check. Advice? Check. But one word to describe all of that? Is there even that one word? This is why I always struggle to describe my blog to people. But that description is important because it gets your an audience. A simple tagline is efficient. But how do I fit that into a simple tagline? My blog is more of a comprehensive machine at this point.

    Yvonne Wabai |

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  2. This is such a brilliant and necessary post which everyone who’s struggling with blogging or the idea of blogging should read. I love how honest and inspiring your words are. I don’t really have a niche as I have so many different things to say and ways to say it that I can’t stick to one category. My blog is my space to talk about everything I want to without boring my friends and family but also to connect with new people. I totally agree with you on the whole blog photos thing, I don’t have an amazing camera or the artistic eye for photography so sometimes I feel like I’m not as good of a blogger so I needed your advice and words today. Great post and can’t wait to see the new remodel of your blog!
    Alex x


  3. I also do not like the word niche. I’ve been filling out a lot of blogging related forms and am always asked what is my niche. Drives me nuts as like you I blog about a lot. I am considering reverting just to beauty as I make a lot of these posts but I still wouldn’t want to categorise my blog as a beauty blog because I may feel the need/want to suddenly write about something else

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  4. What a great post! For a long time I always worried that I didn’t have a niche and I panicked that I wouldn’t really be accepted as a blogger because I was just all over the place! However I soon came to recognise why I was blogging in the first place and it didn’t matter that I didn’t fit into a category, I’m blogging because I want to and I choose to blog about what I want for my own reasons! There’s no point blogging about something you’re not passionate about just to fit in.

    Chloe x


  5. I absolutely LOVE this post John, I always refer to myself in the ‘lifestyle niche’, but ti be honest with you I wouldn’t even say I’m in that! I love that you’ve referred yourself as a ‘ME’ blogger! You’re so right when you say we’re all so different, we’re not all writers, we’re not all photographers. But we are all individuals and I love when you can see someone’s individual stamp through their blog.

    I have to say, I’ve never come across your blog before, but I’ll definitely be reading more and I’m so looking forward to it!

    Thanks for sharing such a great post!

    Kayla x


  6. The way I see it is anyone who has something to say and hits the publish button is a blogger. There is no set way. I also think that the word “niche” is overused. Like you said, there is no set categories or boxes to tick. It adds unnecessary pressure. Everyone should just do what makes them happy. Great post =)

    Hayley x

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  7. If you go back and look what was a blogger 20 years ago and how people self-identified then, versus what was a blogger perhaps 10 years ago as major platforms were coming together like WordPress, TypePad, and MovableType, and now when asked I bet its all changed. Let me ask; how many people identified as a blogger in 2000 or 2001? Then bloggers linked their posts to other blogger’s posts through the use of perma-links which are the permanent links of each post. Long discussions were had and the concept of authority was somehow brought up by Technorati then. So what people believed a blogger was, their niche or no niche, whether they did travel or fashion or fashion travel has all changed. But change is necessary. As an anthropologist noted, there is nothing so constant as change. So when asked today compared to perhaps that blogger like Doc Searls in 2000 or me or others we may have said we were something else. The truth really though has always been the same throughout. Its the content. The words. if you say you are a blogger great. Show me your words.

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  8. I used to be attending many event for blogger. But then I feel it doesn’t fit with me because I can’t write my own thoughts and limited by the deadline too. I feel I can’t make a good writing with that. So, 4 months ago I decided to stop attending the event and focus to my own project and book. Some of my blogger friend start calling me “fake blogger” because of that. And then i start to question myself. Am I a blogger? And thanks to this article, now I know I am a blogger 😀

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  9. Hmmm… you are a blogger in our own ways. Blog things you love to do so that as if ur not working. The thoughts of your blog will just flow through your mind and give you ideas. Love your post! Keep it up. 🙂

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  10. ALL. THE. YES.!! It is honestly a pet peeve of mine when I find myself apologizing for not posting on my blog or some social media platform. “Oh no, I’ve been gone for three days without a post, I was busy with my REAL LIFE.” Just…what? No. And I see others do it all the time but I try not to judge too harshly. Their posts are their own. I know that we love our followers and just love communicating our words in general, but you’re right–we don’t have to apologize. Thank you for coming for my TED talk.

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  11. i once started reading a blog that had several posts over the year. Since I was coming at it with fresh eyes, I couldn’t help but notice the author started each post off with an apology about why it was late or how busy she was. It put me off! Post as much as you need to post, it’s not like anyone’s life hangs in the balance. If you have big goals, forgive yourself if you don’t make them. And if it’s a pattern, maybe it’s time to realign your goals.

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  12. Yes yes yes! I’ve only been blogging a week and this was my first concern. Everyone says find a niche – I dont have one! Also my first three blog posts were slightly personal but not really. I wrote my real first personal post last night and I was shaking but I loved it! I see now why people love to blog. Great post and ideas.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

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  13. Thank you! I found this post very inspirational. Over the past few months, I’ve been struggling to redesign my blog, become “serious” about blogging, and figure out my niche. I’m constantly apologizing for not getting content out on time and not being consistent. I keep going back and forth on what topics I should choose to blog about (I love too many things!). The result has been a mess. I spend more time trying to figure out what I should do than what I want to do. I’m overthinking everything. I’m reading tons of articles that are telling me I should start over because I’ve already screwed up my current one due to lack of consistency and lack of a niche. Telling me that I’ve permanently lost readers because I don’t blog the way I’m supposed to. My website is all a mess with a lot of my content being cast aside. I work a full-time job, outside the home. I have a family. I have friends. I have lots of hobbies, and blogging is merely one of them. I blog because I find it enjoyable. I need to pause, figure out what I really want to do, and just do that.


    1. Take your time. That’s my biggest advice. I’m taking 3 months to redesign/rebrand my blog. It’s just something you’ve gotta do when you can do it. I work 26 hours outside of blogging, blogging is also a part-time job, and I need time with my family. It’s all about balance and like I’ve said, time is your biggest friend. Only time will help you to balance things out.


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