Hello London Restaurant Festival! #AD

Talk about food and I’ll be listening!

Do you know London Restaurant Festival is currently running? Running until the 31st October, here’s your chance to try iconic restaurants across London at discounted prices, thanks to London Restaurant Festival and Bookatable.

I was invited to get involved in the campaign (this post is an #AD), and struggled to choose where to eat because of the large quantity of restaurants to choose from. 409 restaurants are involved in the campaign in the capital and my dining preferences have always been simple food, yet quality taste.


Visiting Covent Garden during the day, I decided to choose a place with convenience. The beauty about the festival is the vast choices. The vast choices give you convenience, great prices and great food.

I decided to choose Byron. It was the perfect location. With so many options to choose from, wherever you are in the city, there’ll be an opportunity to dine as part of the festival.

The Bookatable website provides a variety of options. Breaking down the categories gives you a chance to find the perfect restaurant for you and your location. Categories such as £25 and under, Iconic, Restaurants with a view and Afternoon Tea; there’s something for everyone to experience the festival.

I chose Byron as I never got the chance to try out their restaurant in Southampton before I left for Leicester. At just £12.50 for my meal as part of the campaign, I couldn’t refuse. The restaurant definitely didn’t disappoint.

This is why I got involved in the campaign. Not because of the opportunity to eat at Byron, but the opportunity to experience. The festival gives you a chance to try the experience at a place of your choice and a choice that matches your wants and needs.


When I looked at Bryon’s menu, I went for the Byron Burger, minus the tomato. Customising your burger is important for me. I don’t eat everything that’s normally part of a burger so having the option to remove the tomato gave me the taste I wanted and more. If you’ve never been, the Byron sauce is to die for!

The meal came with a french fries or sweet potato fries option. Sweet potato will always be a winner. Since trying it a few years ago, it’s always been my preference. The option isn’t always there with restaurants and certainly not at the same price as what the french fries were. It was all included in the final bill (including my glass of Coke).

The experience was what I needed after a long day blogging around the city. London Restaurant Festival has everything you need. I may have gone for a simple and convenient option, but there’s 2 course/or 3 course meal options, lunch deals and much much more.

In London before the 31st? I definitely recommend trying out the festival and getting the most out of your time in the city.  What are you waiting for, your seats await?


Massive thanks to Bookatable for inviting me to get involved.

*This post is a paid post in collaboration with Bookatable. The words in this post are mine and mine only.




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