My thoughts on the blogging community

Is the blogging community the same it used to be?

It’s changed. I feel different about the blogging community. People have left. Some of the bloggers who used to be on my feed everyday have now disappeared. There’s new people around. New content. New thoughts.

Are we progressing? Are we at a standstill? What’s happening with the blogging community?

Every day in blogging there’s a twist and turn. Something is said, and people react. Something is created and people react. Reacting is good. Getting people to engage in your content is great! Not so much when you’re being badgered for creating content YOU love.

Blogging is an individual enjoyment. Blogging is a representation of who we are. Our content showcases who we are. You can’t judge that. People are different. It’s still not grasped yet in blogging.

Stop focusing on what’s happening elsewhere and focus on what’s around you.

What do you love?

What content do you want to create?

My content is always changing. Every day we’re growing as an individual and at times, our paths can change. Sometimes we want to experiment. Sometimes we love what we’ve created and we want to stick with what we’re doing and build on our consistency.


The support in the blogging community is like nothing else. When times are tough, the blogging community comes together. When someone is scared to upload a post, people get involved and motivate that person.

The community is why I love blogging so much. Yes, like above, there’s times negativity surrounds the community, but the majority it’s all love. The love shared in blogging is part of the reason I’m still blogging 4 years on.

Looking into my ancestry with Living DNA

Talking about support, Living DNA have recently supported me in finding out more about my ancestry.


I’ve always been intrigued to know more about my family history, so when Living DNA got in touch highlighting their ancestry kits, I couldn’t say no.

Stretching back 10 generations with a detailed breakdown of the countries and regions, and a 200,000 year history into my maternal and paternal ancestry, I’ve been amazed at the detail Living DNA go into.

It all starts with a swob. Once you swob the inside of your mouth, the swob can take up to 10 weeks to be analysed, with all the details like above going on your own personal page on the Living DNA website.

Mine arrived a lot earlier than first estimated. This is a high quality service with everything you need. My family and I have always been intrigued to know more about our ancestry, and the results have brought us more insight into our heritage.

The motherline also brought some interesting results. I’ve always believed something was different about my Mum’s side. England isn’t represented on my motherline results. It’s now something I’m going to look into further.

I’m now aware that the majority of my family in the UK are based in the south. The only communication I have with family is on the south coast. I was contacted by a blogger the other day who shared that her partner is a Sennett. Sennett is a rare find. Could this person be a long-distant relative?

I want to thank Living DNA for providing this insight into my ancestry. It’s something I want to explore more of now and if you’d like to do the same, you can sign up for £99 via this link for the most advanced ancestry in the world.

*My Living DNA kit was gifted in exchange for this feature.

You never know where the support will come from

You don’t need to know the blogger to have their support. This is something I love about the blogging community. Many people you meet are not local to you. Having strangers support your work is an incredible feeling. The majority of my readers are UK based, but that doesn’t stop my international followers from showing their support and sending me comments of inspiration about my content.

Blogging brings people together. Whether you’re sat on your sofa, in a coffee shop or at an event, the support is there. Blogging brings people from all backgrounds together, showing the diversity we have in blogging.

One thing I’ve noticed of late is more advice posts are created. I’m seeing more content around what people have learned from blogging and bloggers using their own experiences to help others.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know this is what I’ve always loved doing. I’m loving seeing others doing the same. Blogging is a long-journey, but one where you’re learning all the time. I get the majority of my inspiration from other bloggers.

Blogging is going in a new direction

Some aspects of blogging is still the same as to when I started in 2014, but blogging is going in a new direction. Blogging is growing. More people are wanting to join the community. People are trying new things. Not everyone is going over to YouTube.

Blogging is becoming more personal. The majority of brands want to know the person behind the blog. It’s the same for readers. Blogging is becoming more about ourselves, rather than the content our readers want.


People are gaining jobs from blogging. More and more bloggers are producing their content full-time. Some are focusing on Instagram. Facebook I hardly hear of now. It never worked for me. Time is important as a blogger.

Content takes time. Progression can be slow. Progress is progress though. A new follower is a new follower. Collaborations are happening. Bloggers are joining forces. Bloggers are developing voices in the world. Radio, TV, newspapers, more bloggers are getting to share their stories in the media.

We have the opportunity to continue growing as a community. Yes, the negativity will always be there and we’ll compare our content with another blogger’s, but that’s just part the parcel of being part of the blogging community.

What are your thoughts on the blogging community? What do you love about being a blogger? What no longer works for you and where do you think we’ll go next?



14 thoughts on “My thoughts on the blogging community

  1. Great post and touched on many valid points. Blogging is an interesting world for sure. It can be very trendy. And very “clique” based. i focus on why I love to blog and continue with that.


  2. I’ve only been blogging about 16months but I’ve always tried to stick to a lot of the points you’re making. Writing for me and about what I want.

    I think a lot of people starting out now are writing for the sake of going straight to the money bag and, unfortunately you can tell by their content.

    As long as you write what you love, people will read!!

    You can read some of my content on


  3. I’ve only been here for a short time, but I have seen mostly great things out of other bloggers. I have found that the connections on Twitter are really amazing and mostly very supportive.


  4. I am new to the blogging community and still find myself caught between confidence in staying true to myself and questioning my content when other bloggers critque negatively. (Yesterday for example). I am thankful I am strong enough to stand by my own values and create content for me and those who enjoy it. Reading this has reassured me and my confidence. Thank You.


  5. Great post and I followed you! I am new to the blogging community and I think it’s so supportive and wonderful. I love reading stories of how they quit their full time job or got amazing collabs with big companies!


  6. I love this in so many ways. I have been blogging in some form for years but it wasn’t until a few years ago I shifted to try and make a living from it. The people you meet can be amazing, they can also be snobby and think they are better than you ara. I’ve always believed in being only ME and sharing us as we are – the good and the bad. It’s what I prefer seeing/hearing from others, so that is what I want to show. ME.


  7. This was a really interesting read which made me really think about my blog and where I want to take it. This is only my second month of blogging and I still feel like I’m trying to find my feet with it. I know that I want it to cover topics which I’m passionate about and know a lot about and want to make people think. I want to engage people in conversations and see other people’s experiences compared to mine. I started my blog to meet like minded people and to be able to create things I am proud of, I want to inspire and to connect. Thank you for this post for making me think about blogging and what it is all about to me
    Alex x


  8. I have so many questions. I started blogging to vent…as a therapeutic outlet. I’m very very very private. Not a big social media fan and more of a listener than a talker so started this and I LOVE IT. Dont know if I’m doing right or wrong…its from the heart…so…I still have alot to learn..any suggestions…appreciated


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