Life in Leicester

I’ve been in Leicester now for 2 months. I’m definitely settled in. It’s my home now.

I wanted to sit down and have a bit of a chat with you all. Let you know that I’m OK. I haven’t been able to visit loads of places since my last update about life in Leicester.

Work’s about to change. I’m about to go back into my deployment. Basically meaning,  I’ll be back to my normal hours. There’ll be more blogs. I have loads of ideas. Just need the time to put them into place. I’m planning on meeting up with more bloggers (if you want to meet, let me know!), spend time out and about exploring, sharing what I get up to, and enjoy the whole blogging process again.

Mentoring is nearly full!

I’ve been so excited to get everything together for my new mentoring trial and it’s nearly FULL! 70 bloggers have been in touch since I posted on Twitter my intentions to run the programme throughout October and November. Official launch date of the programme will be the start of 2019.

Mentoring is available to bloggers around the world (not just the UK!). If you’re interested in putting your name down before it’s all fully booked, please fill in the form via the link below…

My family are coming to Leicester

They’ve booked time off to come and visit Jade and I here in Leicester. They’ve never been before. There’s two coaches and a 6 hour journey between us.

I’m excited for them to visit. I can’t wait for them to see my independence. I wanted to leave home for ages. Jade and I made the move together. They now get to see our lives in Leicester.

Planning on spending time in the city centre, the local markets and possibly the National Space Centre, it’s going to be a nice few days with them.

Having time off work myself for a few days when they’re here, we get to spend some quality time together. Ask me what my priority is and it’s family. Family is massively important to me.

My fitness plans have taken a backseat

I haven’t been able to stick to a fitness plan since arriving in Leicester. I’ve struggled with time.

Psychi got in touch regarding an opportunity to try out their resistance bands.

Resistance bands are fitness accessories you can use anywhere; at home, in the gym or at your local park. I was sent their yellow yoga and resistance band and green resistance bands; the two lowest strengths they have.

I’ve been unable to try out the product to the max, but did try them out for my upper body.

The yellow yoga and resistance band, recommended for the warm-up was stronger than I first thought. At only £4.49 for the band, it is a bargain. It’s a bargain due to the functionality of resistance bands and the benefits of using them in your workouts.

The green resistance band was my favourite of the two. It had less strength than the yellow yoga and resistance band and was more functional. The green resistance band can be used around other things. At the local park, I wrapped the band around an outdoor gym machine, and started doing cable rows. The resistance band can be used to give you a light workout. The ideal band for a newbie to fitness or someone who is just getting back into exercise.

It’s something I know I’ll be using to rebuild my calf and general fitness when I return to exercise.

*The resistance bands were provided as a gift in exchange for a feature*

What’s happening in the next month?

A lot! I’m going to have to look after myself and ensure I schedule time out; including when I have things to do, but know I need to rest.

I’m planning on visiting London in two weeks. I want a photo day for the blog. I want to go somewhere else for images and spend a whole day taking them. If you’re in London and fancy meeting up, let me know!

There’s a possibility that I’ll be an Ambassador for a national brand next month. A meeting has been planned, and it’s all about my passion for getting outside and bettering your future.

As you know, my mentoring trial launches. Will it be the only new service I could be launching on the blog? Who knows.

I’m enjoying blogging a lot at the moment and I know my plan to be a full-time blogger isn’t too far away. Believe in yourself when you have a goal and it’ll happen. I know being a full-time blogger will come true. I love nothing more than waking up, getting ready to take photos, coming home and producing content and working with brands.

Blogging is what you make it.


12 thoughts on “Life in Leicester

  1. You’re the man John! I love reading your blog. I love your journey and I’m excited to see where you go in the future. I know exactly what you mean when you say you want nothing more than to wake up, take photos and produce content. I feel that way too! So relatable! Love this post!


  2. Looks like you’re settling in well. Looking forward to seeing your London picture. And I love resistance bands for all the reasons you’ve said – will have a look at the ones you’ve used, they look good.

    Liked by 1 person

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