What I’ve learned from 4 years of blogging

September 1st marked my 4 year anniversary. Writing this post a week on has given me time to think about what an incredible journey this has been; the highs and lows of sharing my story online, the friendships that have been made and the impact on my personal life…


An authentic voice creates an authentic following

People come and go. Whether you’ve been blogging a week, a month or 10 years, there’ll be people that’ll follow your content short-term and long-term, and those who stick around stick around because you’ve been true to yourself.


An authentic voice is attractive to readers. It’s also attractive to the blogger.

Being true to you allows your readers to get to know the person behind the screen. One reason I’ve opened up on the blog is because I’ve needed it. I’ve needed to let my feelings out. I’ve needed to share the highs and the lows as it’s helped me to grow.

Grow with your readers. Let them be part of your journey.

Blogging helps you grow as an individual

I was shy when I started blogging. I hadn’t spoken up about my life before. The blogging community supported me whilst I told my suicide story; a 24 hour period where I told my followers, a group of university students and my family.


Blogging has helped me to come out of my shell. I’ve grown in confidence. You can tell the difference. I’m in a job where I talk to the public face to face. I’ve delivered talks at national conferences. I’m now using my voice as a UK Blog Awards Judge.

It’s opened doors. I’ve met some incredible people. I’ve learned how to communicate with others. I’ve worked with some incredible charities. I’m now working with incredible brands.

It’s brought my family and I closer. I’ve learned more about photography and how to structure emails, blog posts and pitches.

It’s a proper journey

One day the blogging world could be celebrating something, the next it’s bitching. Blogging really does have it’s lows and highs. It also has it’s in between.


I believe we need to embrace it. Rather than getting involved understand it’s going to happen. People won’t understand at times, other times they will. Some people will like your content, some won’t. Some people will follow you for a month, some will follow-unfollow you.

Just crack on with it. Crack on with your journey. Barriers will appear when you least expect it and it’s up to us to decide how we jump over it. No-one can make the decision for us. A massive learning curve is learning to trust ourselves. We need to believe in our content. We should love every piece of content we upload. We should surround ourselves with people who support what we do.

There’s no RIGHT way to do it

We should have our own ways of blogging. Blogging should be unique for us. Every individual in blogging has their own USP…themselves! Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is your content, your ideas, the entire process you take each and every day in your blogging journey.

There’s no RIGHT way to do it. Edit your photos if you wish. Write short blog posts if that’s what works for you. Be in pictures. Take pictures of locations. Do what you love. Do things that help you grow. Do things that help your readers get to know who the person is behind the blog.

Diversity is key for all

Accept people’s opinion. We’re all entitled to one. No-one is the same. No content will be the same. No images will be the same.

Diversity in blogging is important for our growth. It’s important for us to learn about other cultures, other people’s loves and hates, as it helps us to learn what’s happening around us. It helps us to embrace new things. Try new experiences. It creates discussions. It creates opportunities.

What have you gotten out of blogging?

What have you learned?

What do you love?

UK Blog Awards Judge





84 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from 4 years of blogging

  1. I really enjoyed your perspective! I’ve been blogging for six months as of today, and I definitely agree that it’s a journey. I’ve recently redesigned my blog, and looking back at where I started is a bit crazy. I’m learning a lot, though!

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  2. Happy blogging anniversary!
    I love blogging because I am a writer at heart and this way I can share my stories with my readers.
    I also love the blogging community and how supportive it is.
    And I love dreaming that my blog will eventually make me more money than the $8 it has so far with my google adsense ads 😀

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  3. I look forward to the day that I can celebrate 4 years of blogging. Well done to you. This post is a strong reminder of what’s important about blogging and I’ll come back to read it often. Here’s to many more years of blogging bliss to you John 🍻

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  4. I find blogging is a permanent learning curve. Personally I love getting all my thoughts down on paper and sharing with people who I think will get something out of it too. I’m currently prepping for Blogtober, a post for every day of the month, all varied content but I’m loving it.

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  5. I agree with blogging can help as a person. I used to be shy and scared to do things. But, since I started my blog and shared my passion with everyone, I been more open and goal-oriented. Also, it makes me want to wake up early now.

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  6. Thank you gor sharing this. I have only been blogging since early August and you have completely justified the rollercoaster I feel I am on. I no longer feel like I have to do things a certain way. Just continue to be true to myself. Thank You !!

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  7. You reached your four year anniversary not long after I reached my three year one, and I’ve learned similar things since I started blogging. I had no idea just how diverse the blogging community was when I first joined, and just how much more diverse it has become in the past few years, and I completely agree with what you were saying about every voice mattering. We all have different opinions and life experiences but we should accept these, which is something the blogging community hasn’t always been the best at. In saying that, though, I have met some of the most supportive, inclusive people in the blogging community who have helped me to grow as an individual and become more comfortable with sharing my story. I remember when you opened up about your suicide story, and being in awe of your strength when doing so. Your authenticity is always something I’ve really admired when it comes to reading your blog.

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  8. Congrats on keeping up with your blog all these years! I totally agree that things change when you begin focusing on what you want to write about and making it very authentic. That’s the reason I also have started to include more personal, opinion-focused post over on my blog!
    | RogueCouture.weebly.com |

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  9. I’m pretty new to blogging and your post really helps to know there’s no right way to do this. I do this because I enjoy it and I still want to be enjoying this years from now. The only way that happens is if we’re real about ourselves. Great post!

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  10. Happy FOUR YEAR Anniversary! That is so awesome! We share the same launch date except ours is 4 years later because it is only 12 days old! I loved all the points you made. The blogging community is definitely something. I feel so supported and it really is amazing to hear everyone’s voices and experiences. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Happy 4 year Blogversary!! 🙂
    And you’re so right, its so important to just BE YOU! Be authentic.
    I fell into the whole ‘need to fit in, need to be better, need to do what they’re doing’ a few years ago and ended up losing my love for it… it took me a while to realise that I’m blogging FOR ME!


  12. Blogging and bloggers can be like real life friends and friendships. There are some truly lovely people who care about those they interact and then there are others only in it for what they can get. Happy 4 year anniversary and keep writing xxx

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  13. Happy Bloggiversary! These are all such on point tips. I really do try my best to be as friendly, sociable and authentic as I can. Doesn’t always work though!


  14. I so appreciate this blog post! I just re-energized my blogging heart, and have gotten a barrage of comments about “niche”. I decided my niche was simply “me”. In doing so and being honest about it, I lost many followers but who cares? I can’t be anything other than myself, and being authentic and true to myself is definitely my “niche”. Your heartfelt and honest view was validation for me and I thank you

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  15. I love how heartfelt this blog post is. Blogging is all about authenticity and followers do come and go. As long as you believe in yourself and continue on pursuing your passion nothing can stop you. Great post

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  16. John this is a brilliant post and has made me feel so much better. I’ve been feeling so lost recently with my blog and bit frustrated if I’m honest. It’s such a heartfelt, well-written post and is amazing.

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  17. You sound like an amazing person! I am glad that the blogging journey has helped you grow as a person. I think it has helped me too, and to be able to communicate and to connect to others in a way I have never had before!

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  18. I totally agree with you. It’s a serious journey to start blogging. There are so many things to learn. Even after 4 years, I’m still learning. And I also agree that you grow as an individual while blogging. You learn so much about yourself through your writing. It’s truly a life changing and enlightening journey.

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  19. I enjoy this post I to share about my story and difficult journey of living with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and raising a child with the same disorder. I had 3 meltdowns before during and after my child was born and ended up inpatient. I can understand how freeing it is to share and be so open at the same time it encourages other’s to open up and share their story. Congratulations on the 4 year blogging mark.

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  20. Great post John. I’m another new blogger and feel like I’m finding my feet with so much. Some great tips here. So totally agree with the staying true to yourself message. Happy birthday to your blog, and here’s to the next 4 years!

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  21. All you said is accurate! Especially the point about authentic voices – I try my best to show multiple sides of me because I do not show my face and I think thats what sets me apart. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. 🙂



  22. As someone who is in their blogging infancy, I really appreciate your words. When I proofread my posts I’m working on recognizing if I sound authentic. I think my natural inclination is to hide behind the words rather than be a part of them. Thanks for putting these thoughts together.


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