4 ways I’m embracing my surroundings and getting outside

I vowed to myself that with the move to Leicester, I’d get my walking boots/or trainers on more and see my surroundings. I want to embrace what’s around me.

I want to feel relaxed in my new surroundings

I feel at ease when I’m going for a walk. I feel free when I’m overlooking a city or town.

I recently took my friend, Diarmuid to Ilkley Moor after his girlfriend recommended the place for its stunning views and tranquility. Let’s just say she wasn’t wrong.

Diarmuid’s visually impaired. When I’m with him, I act as his guide. Being in a new surrounding (Ilkley Moor is in West Yorkshire – 30 minute train journey from Leeds), you’d think I was nervous. Walking helps with my mental health. It helps to clear my mind.

I want my mind to be open

Whether it’s Ilkley Moor or Abbey Park for a picnic, I want to enjoy every new place I visit. I want to be able to see the beauty that’s around me, whether it’s old, new or just hills upon hills upon other hills and I want to see them with an open mind.

Visiting Kirkstall Abbey (also in Leeds), I had the opportunity to see why it’s such a popular place. It reminded me of Netley Abbey  back in Southampton, but a lot grander.


I’m bringing those I care about with me

Going for walks and mini adventures on your own can be great, but bringing others along for the journey is something special, especially when it’s a cute picnic with the other half and PopChips are involved.


At just 97/98 calories per serving, PopChips provide a healthier option to fried potato crisps and they’re gluten free!!

Providing a bold flavour and proper kick, I’ve recently tried a range of their products and I wasn’t disappointed.


The Sea Salt and Vinegar is by far my favourite, with a strong taste of vinegar and a subtle dash of Sea Salt.

Each flavour hit the spot from the first bite. The popped nature of the potato crisps is easily noticeable with each crisp and I found the strong taste of flavour to be just about right.

Every pack (if needed) is clearly marked with the level of heat, giving a nice understanding of what to expect from the pack.


We’ve loved trying out the PopChip products so much, we’ve already been out to buy a flavour we weren’t sent to try.

If you’re looking for a popping crisp and one fit for a picnic, PopChips provide a high quality product that I highly recommend.

Reminding myself it’s not all about mountains and peaks

A lot of people, when they talk about embracing their surroundings and getting outside, mention their loves for places like Mount Kilimanjaro, Snowdonia and the Lake District.

These places might be places I’d love to visit, but there’s so much beauty in our local parks, nature reserves and country parks.


Focusing on more of the parks around my area, coming up, I have some trips planned to Leicester’s country parks, as with each location, there’s an opportunity to create a new memory.

A memory that’ll be unique to me.

I believe embracing the outdoors should be unique and personal to you. Find places you love visiting. Find places you want to explore. Visit the places you want to share with those you love.

Have memories already created?

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5 thoughts on “4 ways I’m embracing my surroundings and getting outside

  1. I love going abroad and experiencing places that are completely different but due to a huge drop in income we haven’t had as much of a chance to do this over the last year. This means I’ve had to slow down and look around me for the beauty in my local surroundings. I think this is a wonderful way to feel more present in the moment and appreciate what you have. How are you finding Leicester? Have you visited the space centre? (not exactly the most beautiful place, but it is our favourite day out).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s some incredible things around us, we just need to go out and find them. It took me soooo long to realise this. Leicester is great! I definitely feel settled in now. There’s so much I want to do in the city, and being central in the UK means there’s so many more cities I can explore.

      The Space Centre is on my list to do. I’m not actually that far from there. Waiting for a friend to come visit and then I’ll be going. Are you from the area then?


  2. Some stunning views! Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how often it seems, that there are beautiful places just a short way from home! I definitely think I feel far better for getting out and exploring once in a while!


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