Why we as bloggers need regular breaks

10 hours, 30 hours, 60 hours, no matter how long we spend on our blog every week, it’s exhausting. I’ve spoken about it before on social media, and right now in my life, it’s so relevant.

I believe as bloggers we need to take regular breaks…

We need to put the numbers to one side, the paid or gifted brand collaborations to one side, and also a blog schedule, and focus on ourselves. How are we meant to create content if we burn ourselves out or if we feel blogging becomes a chore?


The changes I’ve made/making

Posting daily on Instagram, capturing every day out for my Instagram stories; it doesn’t need to happen. Can’t we just enjoy something without feeling the need to put it online?!

I was once so caught up in social media, every thought had to go on social media. I was driving myself mad. I became so focused on getting views and increasing numbers, that I forgot to look after myself.

Social Media can be draining. Blogging can be also. We do several roles in one. Only bloggers can truly understand this.


My sister Caroline and I hadn’t since each other for 3 years until we were reunited on Thursday. I could have posted loads about it online, but I didn’t. I kept it simple. I wanted to cherish the day I had with her (which mainly consisted of her being nosey in my new flat).

I mentioned to her that I’m putting my phone down more. Being glued to your phone and social media isn’t healthy. You become so caught up with what happens online that you forget what’s happening offline.

Even if it’s small intervals. Spend a little less time online every day and you get used to life without social media. It’s actually nice. It’s really freeing.

Blogging isn’t going nowhere, but you can!

The less I’m online, the more I’m outside exploring. Find what you love. Find things you can do besides blogging. I love photography at the moment. I love visiting museums. Eating out. Watching TV. My love for walking is coming back.

We just have to find what works for us. We have to find the activities we love (whether it’s reading, the gym or cooking). It’s just the thought of not being online that gets to us. I know I’ve felt like this.

I haven’t wanted to come off social media, at the fear of missing something. Missing the chance to be part of a blog thread, a deep conversation or a blog chat.

I was once doing blog chats every day (when they were running), and at least 2 a night, and it was a lot. I forgot that social media was always going to be there, but when you get caught in the moment, you forget.

Removing my phone at the dinner table

This has been my first step. I’ve removed my phone whenever I eat. It’s only a small chunk of time, but learning to take breaks is a gradual process. Taking 30 minutes or so away from my phone has built up to a few hours so far. Being away from my phone could mean I go out for a walk, take a nap or watch something on TV. As long as I’m teaching myself to come away from my phone, I’m happy. I know in time, it’ll build up to days.

Love your content, and love yourself

Creating amazing content is what we all want to do, but remember to love yourself too! Content wouldn’t be created if you’re burned out or you’ve fallen out of love with what you do.

What do you do to self-care? How do you work it in with your blog?

I want to know. Leave your self-care tips below and your opinions on taking regular breaks as a blogger…


47 thoughts on “Why we as bloggers need regular breaks

  1. 🙂 I rarely take breaks from blogging.

    In spite of blogging regularly, I do find the time to go outdoors and socialise with people (It is all about time management).

    All bloggers need breaks at some point in time. Taking breaks will prevent them from burning themselves out.

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  2. I totally agree with this. I don’t put pressure on myself to write all the time and do regular posts but I definitely noticed an increase use of social media. Breaks from phones and laptop is definitely something which needs doing more and I am keen on implementing this more.

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  3. I take breaks all the time. When I first started I was on fire- blogs all the time- great schedule- organized… than life happened and it took a backseat to everything else. It has taken awhile for me to find a happy balance and now that I think I have figured it out- I am trying to get back to a blog schedule where I post two posts a week- but dedicate other days to other things and other writing-creative projects. I try not to worry about it anymore. If people love my work they do- if they don’t …whatever. One thing I have taken to doing is leaving my laptop at home when I travel…. I take social media breaks and only travel with a notebook. That way I can document the trip while old school as I enjoy it and than write about it further down the road when I am back at my desk. It has worked really well for me.

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  4. I’ve spent the past three weeks in Africa where internet was very limited. At first I was so anxious because I felt like I’ve let my readers down, but then I realised that people probably doesn’t even know that I exist! Now I post when I want when the time is right and that really makes me happy 😊. Thank you for your insightful post!

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  5. Hi John, I definitely agree, taking breaks is essential. I guess I’m wondering – is there anyone who doesn’t have to take breaks because well, there’s other stuff going on? Folks who have jobs, families, other interests, want to stay in shape, etc.? I’m always be dealing with so many things besides social media, it is actually such a peaceful thing for me to have the treat of sitting down and focusing on one thing – THE BLOG. If anyone out there is not taking breaks from blogging, maybe they need to make a special effort to get involved in other stuff!

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  6. I started blogging a few months ago to help pass the time while recovering from an injury. As I’ve healed I’m able to participate in more of my prior activities. Now I need to be more mindful about balancing my time blogging and on social media with getting on with the rest of life.

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  7. Right post for me at right time. I feel thinking about writing on blog also creates a pressure on mind and that made you feel drained and you can’t write. Finally decided to take a break.
    I sometimes love to do Social Media Detoxification Day too so that I could give more time to myself and my family.

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  8. I completely agree with everything in this post! The social media promoting part of blogging can become so draining and having to spend so much time focusing on this instead of yourself can be so bad for you! I do however find getting the views and the passion back after a break can be quite hard sometimes though!

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  9. These are wonderful reminders. I just started my blog one month ago and had no idea how exhausting it would be. Many days I feel like I spend more time trying to promote my blog instead of focusing on adding new content. I also catch myself thinking about how I can turn what I’m doing into an Instagram photo or a tweet rather than simply enjoying the moment. So easy to get caught up in all the blogging tasks.

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  10. I love your photos. This is a very welcome reminder there’s more to life than blogging. I’ve been feeling bad because I haven’t been writing much, and feeling unmotivated, but I find when I stop thinking about it that’s when good ideas come, and it’s important not to force it

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  11. People can become overwhelmed if they try to pack in so many tasks in one go. I can relate to this when it comes to social media! Sometimes, things don’t need to be posted online. I mean it’s great that people say it’s for accountability but is it really necessary? Big kudos to you (and anyone) who puts down their phone at the dinner table! We don’t get to spend time with others as it is. Thank for sharing this!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  12. Great reminders! Blogging life can be overwhelming… I stepped back the last couple weeks with some schedule craziness and I’m very glad I did, it makes it more enjoyable to return!

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  13. I am with you on blogging breaks – especially from social media. Being a new blogger, I was trying to do it all, all at once. Unsurprisingly, that quickly lead to burnout. Now I’ve pulled back and focused on the blog itself. Then I will slowly build back on the social media one at a time with focus on how I can strategically use each platform to build my blog – not just get high follow numbers.

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  14. I always look forward to your posts, and I’m glad I came across this one. I couldn’t agree more with all that you’ve said.
    Breaks are so important because the lack of it might just mess up our overall mental health.
    I used to feel bad about taking breaks before, but now I do it regularly especially from social media.

    Thanks for sharing John!

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  15. What a great post John. Your blog is looking fab! Although I have just gotten myself back into blogging I do find myself on my phone A LOT and I’ve been thinking to myself lately that I should take a step back from it all every now and then, every thing you’ve written is so right, we’re missing out on things that are happening right in front of our eyes because we have a phone blocking out vision! – https://lemmonsarah1997.wixsite.com/mysite

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  16. important post! It gets very overwhelming at times. I am a new blogger and sometimes it feels like you’re spending a lot of time with the social media or looking up other blogs etc and just spinning your wheels. I think also taking a break helps the creative juices flow again when you have a block. I always seem to come up with ideas when i’m on vacation.


  17. I think this is great! Sometimes I can just feel myself getting sucked into social media. I have to put down my phone and walk away. Finding that balance is so important, great post!


  18. This is a great post, I 100% agree with you. Some days I find myself doing blog stuff from the minute I wake up until I go to bed and sometimes I feel absolutely shattered because of it. I like to have a notebook where I write down to-do lists and notes on what I need/want to do which helps me organise my time. So I’ll focus on blog stuff for a few hours and then I’ll go off and do some cleaning or I’ll go outside and do something!

    Chloe x


  19. I find a few simple things help me cut down on social media time:
    1. Have limited social media apps on my phone
    2. Logout and close the apps when I’m not using them (this also really helps stop the battery draining!)
    3. Logout of social media on my laptop and close the tabs when I’m not using them.
    Simple! 🙂


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