Welcome to Leicester, John!

I’ve been in Leicester now for 2 weeks, after arriving in the city from Southampton. I’ll be honest, despite all the excitement I had whilst sat on the coach, knowing the number of new opportunities and adventures that were ahead, it was tough leaving my family.


My Mum held on tight the morning I left. My Dad said he didn’t want me to leave. My Uncle Benny (you’ll know him as my blog’s photographer) surprised us at the coach station, leaving me an emotional wreck.

It really is a new adventure

I’ve never lived away from home. I’ve been away for a job before, but moving to Leicester isn’t just a 30 minute train option I had back in summer 2013.

I didn’t know much about Leicester before the move. It really was the unknown. If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout my life, it’s to always take on the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone.

Southampton will always be my hometown. February 14th 1992 was the start of my life in the city, and even though Leicester is now my home, Southampton will always be a special place for me.

Settling into Leicester

I promised myself that with the move, I’d spend less time inside and more time outside. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how my feed has changed. More so, if you’ve been keeping up with my stories.


With any move, there’s new places to visit. Since arriving in Leicester, I’ve visited Abbey Park, the canals/rivers, Castle Gardens and the King Richard III Visitor Centre.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

At the heart of the city centre, the King Richard iii Visitor Centre, shares the story of the last king of the Wars of the Roses, killed at the Battle of Bosworth (August 1485).


In 2012, the remains of the King Richard III (ruled 1483 – 1485) were discovered and the visitor centre opened 4 years later.

I didn’t know anything about King Richard III, the last king to die in battle, before I arrived in the city, but the visitor centre really captures his story.

The centre has a 21st century presence; full of state of the art videos, activities throughout the centre via touch screens, and an interactive map of Leicester, showing the significance of finding the body of King Richard III.


You get a real opportunity to learn more about the life and death of King Richard III and the events that led to his burial and his rediscovery;

King Richard III’s scoliosis


Shakespeare’s writings about King Richard III


His armour




His memorial stone


The spot he was buried


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the King Richard III Visitor Centre and learning about King Richard III’s story.

The visitor centre have a Medieval music weekend taking place this Bank Holiday Weekend. More details can be found here.


*The visit was complimentary in exchange for the blog feature.

Embracing my surroundings

Like mentioned above, I want to see as much of Leicester as I can. You can probably imagine how I feel after spending my entire life in one city, and then moving over 140 miles away, unaware of what’s around me.

I’ve tried to embrace my surroundings as much as I can already. I think we’ve only had 1 full day indoors. Once I see somewhere I like; either when we’ve walked passed it on our way into town or when we’ve visited somewhere, I make a note.

Online ratings don’t matter to me. I want to see the good and the bad of the city. I want to take steps outside of the city too and visit places like Loughborough. I want the experiences to be personal for me.

Abbey Park

Open green space, a mini animal sanctuary, a Chinatown themed area, mini railway, and the most stunning lake, Abbey Park has it all. It’s a place I don’t think you could ever get bored of.

I recently shot my campaign collaboration with BoohooMan there (you’ll have to wait to see it), and the images taken truly show how diverse the park is. (Not sorry for the spoiler alert!)


The pictures above were taken on our first visit. Beautiful, right?

Leicester has already been kind to us. It feels good to be here. It feels go to be settled now.

Here on the blog and on social media (I’m focusing more on Instagram than Twitter right now), I’m planning to continue showing Leicester to you all, the places I visit and the experiences I have.

P.S Do you also like the new layout to the blog post?




16 thoughts on “Welcome to Leicester, John!

  1. This post in fabulous. Thank you for posting – I will certainly be visiting both Abbey Park and the Kind Richard lll visitor centre. My boyfriends mum lives in Leicester so this post has given me some good ideas of where the pair of us can take her on a day out 🙂 Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a lovely post! I always forget how wonderful it can be to journey outside of your comfort zone, but so often it can lead to incredible things. This post is a lovely reminder of that. It looks like such a beautiful place! 😊


  3. Great post and congrats on your new journey. Moving some where new is always fun and exciting. I really enjoyed the photos and the closeness of your family… and king Richard’s spine lol great post! Superb writing, very entertaining, can’t wait to see what happens next.


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