Sharing memories with Printiki

Over the past year, Jade and I have shared some amazing memories.

The 12 months we’ve been together have seen us Ice Skating at Christmas, seeing one of her favourite films turned musical at the theatre for her 21st birthday, and getting to spend some time in Brighton; a city she’s wanted to visit for so long.

Printiki print your magical memories from your camera roll or computer, so you can relive your favourite moments through high quality prints.

The brand sent me 60 prints to review, and I have to admit, I absolutely love them. I’m someone who likes remembering what he’s done. I know it’s cliche, but the last year with Jade has been the best year of my life.

Getting the chance to relive the experiences through Printiki’s prints, now means Jade and I can laugh at the picture of her eye rolling when I kissed her cheek, sing-a-long to the Legally Blonde soundtrack when we see the image of us dressed up, and smile when we see her graduation images. Have you also noticed the Meerkat picture taken at our local zoo?

You can upload the images you want printing straight from your Instagram or Facebook account, and you have control over how the prints will turn out. The prints I received came out how they looked on the site.

Printiki’s products range from the prints you see above, photo walls, photo books (currently not available for UK customers), posters and magnets. You can find out all about their products here.

The efficient with their delivery, the website is easy to use, and their customer service is top notch.

I’m not sure Jade appreciated my jokey prints (mainly of her pulling funny faces), but her expressions were priceless and so worth printing!

We can now look back at our memories thanks to Printiki; whether it’s our days out or funny images, and have a physical image to smile back on what happened.

*This post was in collaboration with Printiki. All prints were gifted in exchanged for this blog post.

2 thoughts on “Sharing memories with Printiki

  1. I have been meaning to get some prints made for an upcoming project! But wasnt sure where to look for good quality ones, thanks for the review I will definitely check them out!


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