Fuel your discussions with FuelBox

I don’t know about you, but at times in my life,  I’ve struggled to open up to my friends, my girlfriend and my family. I’ve been afraid to be judged by those closest to me.

FuelBox are trying to empower couples to nurture their relationship and grow as a couple. Well, this is what they’re trying to do with their 10 topic, 170 card open questions, created to entertain, develop and strengthen individuals and their relationships.


I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with the UK Director recently, and be given a chance to try out the product.

*Note: All opinions are mine and not of anyone’s associated with company*

When receiving the box, I was excited. A bit too excited. As someone who talks for England, I was excited to try this out for Jade, and have some open discussions with her.

We’ve spoken about family and our future before, and the 170 cards give a real variety and opportunity for discussions.


  1. Love and Romance
  2. Past, Present and Future
  3. Spare Time
  4. Work and Career
  5. This and That
  6. Family, Children and Finances
  7. Opinion, Attitudes and Values
  8. Sex
  9. Minefield
  10. Mine, Yours and Ours

Some of the topics above won’t be suitable to everyone, but the variety really makes you think about your life. When I tend to be in deep thoughts, I open up. I learned that by opening up, you begin to learn more about your feelings, and more people can understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.


What I love more about FuelBox is they don’t just have a couple’s product. The company have a family, friends and leadership product. Having a product for use in the workplace can be a game-changer to employers understanding more around their employees’ mental health.

I struggled with my mental health as a teenager, and have also struggled to open up to my employees. I do wish the product was around when I was struggling, as I was too afraid of being judged and losing my job.

A full product list can be viewed here.

So, what are the Pros and Cons?



  • The fact it creates discussions. FuelBox recommends picking two cards out of each category to discuss at a time, and asking open questions in response. As the categories are so diverse, the product has a real relevance in our lives.
  • It’s not just a one-way discussion. The product only works if both people in the relationship speak. Where some people might believe it’s forcing people to speak, I find it as a real confidence booster. Some questions are things I wouldn’t normally ask, but asking them gives you the opportunity to get to know your partner a lot better.
  • It’s a growing company. FuelBox have been successful already around the world, so with any growing company, comes more exciting products. Could this reach a high number of couples?



  • The price. Even though I love the product, I wouldn’t pay £49.99 for it. I think it’s a bit steep. That is just my opinion.
  • What happens after all the questions have been asked? Will there be new cards on the market?

Overall opinion


Love the product. I can see the impact it can have and the opportunity the brand has to create discussions for couples of all ages. It’s a product we can all use. The questions and topics are varied and provide a chance for couples to get to know each other more. I just worry about the price.

*The product was gifted in exchange for this blog post.


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