Let me introduce…

The more and more I share my blogging advice on here and on social media, I realise how much I want to help others.

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now (September 1st is the official date), and I remember what it felt like being a newbie. It was 18 months into my blogging journey that I learned about the blogging community and started to make friends.

Blogging can be lonely for some. I want to open up my blog and give others a chance to be heard.

‘Let me introduce’ is a brand new series introducing you to 3 newbie bloggers, the content they produce/will produce and why they’re incredible individuals.



Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a 20 year old blogger from South Africa. I really am in the process of falling in love with life and starting to enjoy finding myself and finding things that truly make me happy, like spending a lot of time with my friends and family and creating precious memories. I love reading, the smell of fresh flowers, food and starting new adventures which is coincidentally what my blog is about.

When and why did you start your blog?

I officially launched my blog in May and I started blogging because I have always loved writing. Writing has gotten me through some of the most difficult times in my life and now I’m at a place where I feel like I can start using my love for writing to not to document my life and my adventures but to help other people and shed light and positivity.

What kind of content can we expect?

From the beginning I’ve always said I want to create content that I thought was true to who I am as an individual and by doing that, hopefully I can help some people in the process and inspire. I will create a little bit of everything so that there is always something for everyone on my blog. I will be creating content on what I know – which is fashion, beauty, health and wellness. I will be creating fashion look books for every season, I’ll do more beauty tips and collaborations with other bloggers and hopefully one day, brands. I’ve also recently gone vegan so I’ll be shedding more light on my own experience , and what else I’m doing to improve my physical health. I also do touch on emotional health and of course spiritual health.

Have you learned anything in your early days of blogging?

I’ve learned so much in my early days of blogging by if I had to point out my most important lesson is that I’ve learned to support other bloggers. Like everyone’s post, share their posts, comment on their posts and follow everyone. Just be kind. I have learned that that is the most organic way to not only grow your own blog, but by interacting with other bloggers, you learn so much and create so many new and beautiful relationships. The blogging community is so kind and I feel really special and blessed to be a part of it.

Share a blog post with us you’ve loved creating…

My favourite blog post has to be my very first blog post. I wrote my introduction post and it was really a piece of my heart that I was giving to my readers and I’m so proud of my ability to let people in.    https://cherbelleblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/12/30/


Nonsi’s details:

Blog: cherbelleblog.wordpress.com

Instagram: instagram.com/nons_mshengu

Twitter: twitter.com/cherbelleblog


10440979_10152760395262041_5252643150172481745_n (1)

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a 25 year old Londoner, I moved to London 2 years ago to find out what life was like in the big smoke. I currently work as a Sales Manager, but I also have a craft business and do freelance writing on the side which I hope to make a full time career one day.

I’m originally from a tiny island called Guernsey, so I love the beach and the sunshine. I travel quite often to balance out the busyness of city life with my true love of tranquil calm places.

When and why did you start your blog?

My blog officially launched on 1st July, but it has been in the pipeline since March when the idea was born whilst chatting to a friend.

I started my blog for a quite a few reasons! I love writing and wanted to use a blog to document some examples of my writing for potential new writing clients. The reason for my money/London-based content is that since moving to London I have had to be super careful with managing my money due to the high cost of living. I’ve spoken to many friends who have found themselves in a lot of debt due to living outside their means and not sticking to a budget whilst living in London and I want to help and support others in a similar position.

My main reason however is that I want to open up more conversations about millennial personal finance, the importance of pensions, investing (if you can) and the property ladder.

What kind of content can we expect?

You can expect lots of different content including my interview series called ‘Savings Stories,’ information on free things to do in London every month, plus much more about making and saving money as a millennial in London, and beyond!

Have you learned anything in your early days of blogging?

My main lesson learnt in my first few weeks of blogging is that everything takes longer than you think.

The technical set up took me a long time to get right. I’m still not completely happy with the way my blog looks but I hope to continue to make improvements as time goes by and keep learning. Technology and computers are not my strong point!

I’ve also learnt the importance of managing my time well. With everything else that I do outside of my full time job, it’s very important for me to dedicate specific slots of time to blogging- or else it just tends to fall by the wayside. I also have to be strict with myself when networking on social media- it’s so easy to fall down a Pinterest or Twitter rabbit hole!

Share a blog post with us you’ve loved creating…

I have loved creating my bi-weekly ‘Savings Stories’ interview series, this is the first installment of many to come: http://thriftylondoner.com/savings-stories-mia/

It’s been great to get a personal insight into the personal finance of other people and I hope that others will be curious too.


Laura’s details:

Blog: http://thriftylondoner.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thriftylondoner/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thrifty_london



Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Imogen and I’m a 21 year old student studying BA English in London. I’m about to go into my third year, I’m an athlete, artist, writer and now, I guess, a blogger! I’m happiest with my nose in a book or with an ice cream, I’m a natural redhead and I hope this won’t make you dislike me but… I prefer winter over summer!

When and why did you start your blog?

Technically speaking, I’ve started my blog twice this year! Here me out, I first started on January 1st but university assignments and work got too much to maintain when I was just starting out my blog so I took a break and I started up again on June 2nd so I’ve only been blogging properly for just over a month! I started it simply because I love to write and I feel like I have something worth reading, if not, that doesn’t really matter as I’m still loving it!

What kind of content can we expect?

You can expect to see lots of lifestyle posts with a little of everything mixed in from photography, art and sport as they’re some of my favourite hobbies and if you can’t talk about something you love on your own blog, when can you?

Have you learned anything in your early days of blogging?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I had a lot of questions when I first started out properly and recently I got approached by a company and I had absolutely no clue what to do. However, I asked for help and the lovely support community of Twitter around me were extremely helpful. I think what is crucial as well is interaction with other bloggers, we’re all in the same boat so why can’t we support one another and help everyone achieve their goals?

Share a blog post with us you’ve loved creating…

My favourite post so far has to be my ‘University Experience So Far’ post, being a student is such a large part of my life at the moment and I didn’t have the best start to university life, so I think if I can help even one person feel more comfortable or answer a question they may have then I’m happy. https://imogenchloe27.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/my-university-experience-so-far/


Imogen’s details:

Blog: imogenchloe27.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imogen_chloe27

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imogenm27/



If you’ve loved finding out more about Nonsi, Laura and Imogen, please do say hi to them on their social media channels.

We were all newbies at one stage. Make them feel welcomed to the blogging community 🙂


10 thoughts on “Let me introduce…

  1. Imogen, I hope your third year won’t be too busy and you’ll still have time to blog!
    And yes, as Laura said…. Everything in blogging takes more time than you think lol


  2. This is such a lovely idea to include newbie bloggers to try and help them to grow their audience! They all sound like great blogs so I’ll go and check them out now!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  3. What a great way to help new bloggers get out there! I love reading new posts and look forward to what these ladies produce!


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