5 self-care tips for bloggers

In the last 72 hours, I’ve barely slept, travelled over 15 hours on public transport, and have walked frantically into a number of estate agents, when Jade and I’s viewings either didn’t match what we were looking for or never happened due to others putting their names down before we had a chance to view them.

Self-care is massively important right now in my life. To be honest, it should be a priority for us all; bloggers, this includes you.

I went to Leicester with an idea to create a blog post on what I saw in the city. Thing is, I took a few photos and thought to myself why I was doing it and was it pressure I didn’t need?

Well, I’m obviously not writing the blog post, but I am sharing what I think I’ve done over the last 2 days (in or travelling to or from Leicester).

We don’t need to capture everything

Yes, I could have taken a lot of pictures. A lot of my time was spent in the city centre. I saw some amazing things to capture shots of, but what would be the point?

I don’t want to live a life where I have to share EVERYTHING. Some moments I just want for Jade and I. I wanted to enjoy the moment of being in a new city, and how the unknown will soon be our surroundings.

Put your phone down!

Jade told me off for being on my phone in the pub. Waiting for our grub to turn up, I couldn’t help but go on social media to see what was happening in the world. It’s normally Jade being told off, but it was me for once.

Why do we go on our phones so much? What happened to a good ol’ conversation?

People can wait

Don’t be so harsh on yourself if you take a bit longer to respond to people; email, DM, tweet. Whatever it may be, take your time.

These last 2 days have taught me to love being in the moment.

This move is bringing Jade and I closer, helping me to grow my independence and to love being somewhere new and will bring a lot of opportunities my way; including learning to create content REALLY out of my comfort zone.

Learn to say no

We don’t need to accept every opportunity that comes our way. I used to do this. I burned myself out. It took me a while to get back on track.

Learning to say no is an exhilarating feeling. It shows we’re taking care of ourselves. It helps us to switch our minds off; even for 2 minutes.

I’m going to be in a new place. I don’t really know anyone. My mental health needs to be looked after.

I’m going to turn things down. I’ve turned down some opportunities already. I need some time to relax. I want some time to just enjoy the city. I’m in no rush. I’m here for at least 12 months.

More opportunities will come. If the time is right or the opportunity fits in with what I want to do, I’ll take it.

Until then, I’m saying no to local events, reviews (besides the ones I’m already working on) and everything else.

Include others

Talk. Share. Enjoy the time with those who you surround yourself.

Being on this new journey with Jade is exciting. I’m tired right now waiting for my second coach back to Southampton, but it’s all worth it.

We can talk about self-care as removing things, but why not adding something to our life?

Why don’t we add something to the mix that’s positively going to impact our mental health?

Being with Jade on this new adventure does scare me, but since knowing our move to Leicester was adamant, I’ve fallen in love with her even more (even though I didn’t think it was possible), I’ve been looking at things we can do in the area and I’ve been planning for the future.

I’m a big planner with the ambition of succeeding in life. Seeing Jade receive an offer for her dream job makes me incredibly happy. Knowing Jade and I have secured a property, makes me incredibly happy.

I’m in a very good place right now.


29 thoughts on “5 self-care tips for bloggers

  1. I completely agree with you.

    It’s so important to take a step back and reassess what’s important. I find it really difficult to come away from social media sometimes but I’m trying not to be consumed by it. Thankfully this beautiful weather has encouraged me to get outside though and although, I might be away from my phone I’m actually enjoying Summer for the first time in years.

    Kate x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still find it right to come off social media, but I’m learning to just cherish my surroundings without the need of sharing it.

      I’m loving the silence, but I’m struggling. It’s too hot for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s getting a little too hot I must admit. I’m loving it but I also can’t wait until Autumn now. I think we all need a good nights sleep and to be able to go about our day without sweating constantly x


  2. These are all great tips. Especially the one about putting your phone down. Everyday for 3 hours I unplug myself, no phones, TVs, computers, anything electrical and I just take that time to play and bond with my kids. Great post!


  3. So true. Self care is essential especially when it comes to blogging because sometimes we put ourselves under so much pressure to simply do it all, all the time but itโ€™s okay to step back and take care of you first ! Also – congratulations on your new adventure with Jade & the new place ๐Ÿ’›


  4. I just finished a book yesterday called the Year of Yes and it was pretty much all about how saying yes to things is a way to self care. But the author also noted that saying NO is just as imported! Great post John!!


  5. I just finished a book yesterday called the Year of Yes and it was pretty much all about how saying yes to things is a way to self care. But the author also noted that saying NO is just as imported! Great post John!!


  6. So pleased to hear about the happy changes in your life! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s really great that you’re aware of your mental health during this transition, often we don’t realise how stressful a situation can be until we’re already in it, so having some pre-planning of what you’ll do to take care of yourself is so key. Great tips to take away, thank you for sharing John!


  7. Ah I loved this post! I’m forever reaching for my phone to take a picture of every little thing, but I couldn’t agree more that it’s important to step back and just capture the moment. It sounds like you and Jade are really happy! Great post! Definitely need to incorporate some of these tips into my life.

    Evie x | https://eviejayne.co.uk


  8. Definitely true, it’s so easy to not focus on what we need but get tangled up in what we *think* we need, having everything instantly beeping/flashing at us from our phones is hard to ignore but important to sometimes especially when with company


  9. I made a blog from my trip to New York and people were asking why it was so short and why I didn’t record more, but you’re absolutely right about putting the phone down and not having to share everything!


  10. These are all really good points! I think it’s so easy to get caught up in technology especially when you’re a blogger. If you’re not promoting your posts, you’re engaging with people on Twitter or taking photos for Instagram but it’s important to take a step back ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. I completely agree with every point you’ve made! I think we’re all guilty of going out for a meal and sitting checking social media instead of making conversation and spending quality time with the people we’re there with! I can’t wait to have a much needed break from social media next weekend, I will be taking lots of pictures but they won’t be posted online until I’m back home and online again! Sometimes I think we need to switch off from everyone’s seemingly perfect lives online to enjoy our own, great post!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  12. You are so right with all of these points. I am so guilty for always trying to snap photos and for scrolling my phone for various blog related things. Thanks for sharing!



  13. Well said, we are drowning our self with social media, it is perfectly ok to be bored. Actually, it is wonderful we all should be bared once in a while. We need to learn to live again, really live not worry about sharing what we live. Thanks for the reminder!


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