Mo Bro’s Beard and Moustache Grooming Kit Review

Say hello to my new travel companion…


I was recently contacted by Mo Bro’s asking if I’d be interested in trying out one of their Grooming Kits. I don’t know about you, but now and again, I’d have a straggler. I’d have one hair who wouldn’t play ball, or have an itchy beard from my shave.

I was eager to try the brand’s Travel Set and see the effect it would have on my confidence.

You might think what do I mean by the impact it’d have on my confidence? As someone who lost his hair young, I’ve grown to love my facial hair. Maintaining it has a significant importance to me.

The travel kit itself


What does the Travel Set contain?

A beard comb, a pair of scissors, beard oil, beard balm and moustache wax.


What I’ve tried and what I think….


When choosing the scent for my Travel Set, I decided to go for Vanilla and Mango. The scent is similar to my aftershave, so to have the combination, I felt the products smelt amazing. They really do smell amazing!

Beard Oil – Recommended to use 4 – 6 drops for a medium length beard, the oil instantly felt refreshing.

When I’ve moisturised in the past, I hadn’t found something that made me skin feel so good. The beard oil sinks into your skin, giving your facial hair a glow (adds to my lightbulb head).

When trying the oil for the first time, it lasted the majority of the day.

Scissors – Obvious use. Obvious results. The scissors help me to reduce the risk of a straggler, keeping my beard tidy and clean.

I’m yet to try the other products, mainly due to the length of my beard, but I’m excited to try them in the future.

I definitely recommend Mo Bro’s Beard and Moustache Travel Set if you’re looking for a compact companion to take with you on your travel.

More information on the Travel Set and all of Mo Bro’s Grooming Kits, can be read by here.


*This post is in collaboration with Mo Bro’s. The items in today’s post were gifted in exchange for the content.


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