What blogging looks like in…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wondered for a quite a while what blogging is like for others dotted around the UK.

We hear on Twitter all the time that the opportunities are in the big cities i.e. London, and focus on specific “niches”.

I wanted to create something that would bring Bloggers together, to share their experiences and thoughts on the subject, and whether there was something we could do as a community to make a change.



Tell us a bit about you and your blog…

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a travel and lifestyle blogger based in Cornwall. My blog is called Cornish Maid Blog and I write about my adventures in Cornwall. I’m a Cornish girl who has moved away to different counties and cities, but Cornwall has always felt like home. Since moving back two years ago, I have fallen in love with my home county all over again. I started this blog to share Cornwall with the world and to promote tourism. On my Cornish Maid Blog you’ll find posts about Cornish beaches, coastal walking, camping, festivals, outdoor activities and more. I write about my own experiences which I hope gives people inspiration for their holidays in Cornwall and helps to promote local Cornish businesses. When I’m not exploring Cornwall, I also write about city breaks and holidays abroad and occasionally cover lifestyle and mindfulness advice.

Where are you based?

I am based in a town called Hayle in West Cornwall. Where I live basically supplies the content for my blog and I’m lucky to live in a place where I can take beautiful photographs of the countryside and coast that I can use in my blog posts. So, there’s definitely plenty of inspiration on my doorstep! Hayle is close to the coastal town of St Ives and near lots of beautiful beaches and stunning coastal scenery. On the flip side, there isn’t much of a blogger community in my local area. There are a couple of successful Cornish bloggers and a few more aspiring ones, but I think there’s probably only about twenty of them in total. I am trying to create a Twitter community of local bloggers, but they are hard to find! However, I am in another blogger support group which includes bloggers from all over the world which is fantastic.

What happens in the local blogging scene? Do you get many opportunities?

I don’t think there is much going on in my local blogging scene, but I may be yet to discover it! I have had my blog for a couple of years but have not been writing regularly until very recently. So, I am quite new to the possibilities of working with brands and businesses. I have recently been approached by a watersports business in Cornwall who have offered a free lesson for myself and my boyfriend in exchange for a mention on my blog. I am really excited about this and it is something I would definitely like to do more of once I increase my following and engagement. I think the next step for me will be to actually contact brands directly to see if they would like me to mention them on my blog. It may be that I have to put in a bit of extra work to find opportunities, whereas bloggers in other areas may find opportunities more easily.

Do you feel the number of opportunities in an area can differentiate from another area?

Yes, I think living right down here in Cornwall does limit my opportunities as a blogger. However, I really shouldn’t let my geographical location limit me in this way! I think bloggers who live in London or other large cities probably have more networking events and also a wider range of local brands to work with. However, there are more bloggers in those areas to compete with. Although it would be nice to have more of a blogging scene in my area, I can still connect with bloggers through social media channels and by writing guest posts etc. And as for working with brands, I can communicate by email and they don’t necessarily have to be based near me, although that certainly can help – especially for things like restaurant or tourist attraction reviews. It would be nice to connect with other bloggers in Cornwall and in other rural areas to see what their blogging experience has been like.

Laura’s details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cornish_maid_87/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/LauraEaslick

Blog: https://cornishmaidblog.com/


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Tell us a bit about you and your blog…

My blog is www.byharrison.com. I’m a Male travel & lifestyle blogger currently based in Bournemouth about to move to New Zealand. I upload twice a week on my blog and once a week on my YouTube channel. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, but more seriously in the last year. I love to write about anything from food posts, to ‘how to’ and advice posts. Blogging by far, is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Where are you based?

As mentioned above. Currently based in Bournemouth, UK. Born & raised here but about to move to New Zealand for a few years. My plan whilst there is to travel & work and live my dream of travelling.

What happens in the local blogging scene? Do you get many opportunities?

I’m very lucky with the blogging scene in my area. There is a group call Bournemouth Bloggers who I’m lucky enough to be friends with the organiser, Emma. We’ve been lucky enough to attend some amazing events from restaurant reviews, cruises and casino events. The opportunities I’ve received in the last 7 months have been incredible.

Do you feel the number of opportunities in an area can differentiate from another area?

100%. Southampton is about 40 minutes down the road from me and they probably get 40 times more opportunities from Bournemouth. The bigger cities definitely get more opportunities.

Harrison’s details:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/harrisonbeach

Twitter: www.twitter.com/harrisonbeach

Blog: www.byharrison.com


image2 (4)

Tell us a bit about you and your blog…

Hello there, I’m Luke. I’m 26. My blog is a mainly a fashion blog but I also delve into the depths of travel, mental health (as I suffer from anxiety) and lifestyle. My main goals with my blog are to inspire people, I want people to think outside the box and for people to know that its okay to showcase who you want to be! I’m a creative soul that loves taking photographs and exploring.

Where are you based?

I’m from the hills of Shropshire in the West Midlands. Originally from a little village in Broseley. But I moved out in March to my own place to another little village named Newport.

What happens in the local blogging scene? Do you get many opportunities?

In terms of the local blogging scene, there isn’t one. As I live in a very rural place there isn’t much scope for bloggers to showcase what they do. I know a few other bloggers around the area but not enough to do something to make a group. Birmingham is the nearest biggest city which is still 1 hour away! I’ve not had many opportunities within my local area. I’ve trying to put my name out there for business around the area to see what I do and I have sent a few emails around but I’m still waiting for responses.

Do you feel the number of opportunities in an area can differentiate from another area?

Yes, I think it’s to do with the size of the area. When I look through the PR tag on twitter it’s mainly London or other city bloggers that get a lot of attention from brands. Which I don’t think is fair. Bloggers all over the country just do a good enough job, so give us a chance!

Luke’s details:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lukeheywoodstyle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lukehstyle

Blog: www.lukeheywoodstyle.co.uk



How many of us can relate to Laura? When she mentioned, “I don’t think there is much going on in my local blogging scene, but I may be yet to discover it!”, how many of us have discovered our local blogging scene? Are the local groups making themselves known online?

Could it be what Harrison said, that the bigger cities get more opportunities? Could it be this way because the bigger cities have more PR agencies, who would have more communication with brands?

Lastly, I completely agree with Luke. Everyone should be given a chance! But, if we don’t put ourselves out there we won’t be noticed. Blogging is over-saturated. There’s a lot of us. PR’s, brands etc don’t have time to look through everyone’s blogs.

I’ve learned to be noticed, you need to look at it from the brand’s perspective. If someone has worked with a brand before, they have a better chance. They have evidence of their work.

If someone is new to blogging and wants a chance, what makes you different? What do you have to offer that makes you unique? Is it your photography? Will you create a package for the brand? Simply a blog post and a post on social media isn’t enough for brands.

And I want to leave you on this…

If 10 Bloggers have the exactly the same amount of followers, how would you decide who you’d want to collaborate with?




18 thoughts on “What blogging looks like in…

  1. Yet another brilliant post from you! You’re always all about spreading the word, getting to know bloggers and behind the blogging scene and I am so here for it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post really excites me! It makes me so happy to see lots of different bloggers giving their opinions and how it’s different around the world and country. It’s interesting to see the different takes on blogging and how your surroundings change your view of the world and even your niche!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    Lots of love,
    Molly xo


  3. Oh this is such an interesting post! I get invited to blogger events occasionally but they’re normally two to three hours away and sometimes even across the country! It’s so interesting to see so many blogger in smaller areas. They need more love! So many big bloggers are located in larger cities that they kind of overshadow the small ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love reading about other bloggers’ experiences. My blogger community is all online! I don’t know much about local bloggers at all!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great article! My blog is still very new so I’m not ready for brand collaborations but to answer your question: if I was a brand and had to choose between bloggers with the same amount of followers, I would probably work with the one who has a higher engagement rate on his blog posts. Having a big amount of followers is good but if they don’t engage, then it’s less exciting for a brand.
    Hopefully one day I will get there! In the meantime, I have a lot of work to do!!

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