Bloggers thoughts on the future of blogging

The future of the blogging industry looks to be exciting. More and more brands are turning to influencers for their campaigns and who knows what that’ll mean for bloggers of all sizes.

I didn’t want to share my thoughts alone. Like I’ve done for the last few blog posts, here’s the thoughts from a few other bloggers on what the future of blogging looks like…


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Tell us a bit about you and your blog…

I mainly write about natural skincare, beauty and healthy living. I work as a massage and beauty therapist, so most of my topics come from my work experience and from the issues my clients rise.


What thoughts do you have about the future of blogging?

I feel that there will be more competition and you really need to work hard to make your blog appealing to brands you are working with. The future bloggers are experts in their chosen topic and I think will have to niche more. You will also have to have a good social media following, learn about seo and build a credible and appealing looking image for your blog. Brands will be more selective who they will work with and expectations will be high.


What tips do you have for bloggers to prepare for the future of blogging?

Analyse all the things you do and what impact it has on your blog and social media.What are the most popular blog posts, which posts on social media get most engagement and visits to your site.  Learn and read about your chosen niche, so you can convince the brands you are the best person. Having a good social media following shows credibility and most brands will check them out before their decision.


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Tell us a bit about you and your blog…

I started writing my blog solely focusing on beauty, however over time I have expanded this to writing about lifestyle as well. One of my favourite things about blogging is the ability it gives you to connect with so many people and so writing about topics that other people can get involved in and discuss is something I love.


What thoughts do you have about the future of blogging?

Even just thinking about the future of blogging is quite scary to me, I think because it has become such a hot topic amongst fellow bloggers recently I got so nervous at the thought of something I love so much is on its way out. One of my biggest worries was the fact that one day I would wake up and it will have just disappeared completely.. but let’s be real, thats not going to happen is it? It took me a few months of worrying to realise that actually, it isn’t going anywhere. People still read blogs, just like people still listen to the radio at home, despite there now being TV. It may not be as popular and as revolutionary as it was when it first came about, but people still love it. The world is forever advancing and we just have to accept that.

Sure it’s getting more difficult statistics wise, and the blogosphere is becoming more and more saturated, but that just shows how popular it still is. When you look at the grand scheme of things, the numbers can seem so daunting, but everyone blogs for different reasons and everyone has their niche.

Anyway, long story short, I think blogging will be around for a long time to come, and the ever increasing number of blogs that exist proves this.


What tips do you have for bloggers to prepare for the future of blogging?

Honestly, don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is all about that bit of competition, it would be boring without it. As I said previously, the blogosphere is becoming increasingly saturated, and so it can be very easy to just focus on the numbers but the most important this is to enjoy it and create content that you want to create. Be yourself and find your niche, people love individuality.


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How do we work harder as a blogger? Anu does has a point in terms brands being more selective in the future. Do you notice how many respond to a #PRRequest or #BloggersWanted tweet? How many of those bloggers actually work with the brand? How many are paid opportunities and how many are gift-based?

My approach to working with brands is changing. I’m already looking at the future of blogging and trying to understand the best way for me to collaborate with brands; blog posts and campaigns.


I’ve started to contact brands directly. 300 interested bloggers on Twitter is only going to make the brands more selective, like Anu has said. It’s a very good point. Maybe we need to be more selective in terms of those we work with? Do you think it works both ways?

Phoebe’s point about it being a scary thought is so true. How scared are you about the future of blogging? Will the blogging community becoming more saturated impact our statistics? Will we have a big enough presence to stand out from the crowd?



Competition is competition. I agree with Phoebe on this. Blogging would be boring without a bit of competition. We need to fight someones to be heard. There’s already millions sharing their story online. How do we stand out? How do you stand out?

I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the future of blogging? What are you looking forward to and what are you scared about?


11 thoughts on “Bloggers thoughts on the future of blogging

  1. This is a really good post John. I love how you have shared different bloggers thoughts on this topic. Contacting brands directly is a very good idea, the Twitter hashtags are overflowing with bloggers right now applying for opportunities. Your approach sounds sounds sensible to me. Thank you for sharing xx

    Bexa |


  2. This is a very interesting post. I agree with what all of you had to say about the blogging community, but only time will tell!

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  3. I think that blogging, while still popular has taken a backseat to Vlogging & YouTube. But still very competitive. Everyone wants to be read/heard but with so many platforms and topics it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And I think as the years go on, it’s just going to be harder to stand out. Or like most things, a certain demographic will only use blogs.

    Sidenote. If you had asked me a few years my goal would be to be famous and rich blogging. Now, while I wouldn’t mind a paycheck, I really enjoy the handful of followers that enjoy what I’m doing now. I don’t feel like I have to do a certain thing to be liked. If I can connect with one person on a post I’m happy.

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  4. Everyone loves a good blog. It’s hard to get people engaged to begin with, but you build a core readership over time and it’s just about writing great posts people can relate to and getting yourself out there. I still haven’t been brave enough to approach brands although I hit the magic 20 on my DA this week. Wah. It’s all about finding a brand that fits with you, and then waiting! Much like sending off your loved and edited novel and waiting for the hundred rejection letters. I’ve learnt just to enjoy it. Write about what I know, what I love, and that will shine, so will my sense of humour and a little bit of cheekiness. 😉

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  5. I’ve just started blogging and not looking to work with brands, I’m happy to get my voice out there and hear others. Perhaps this will change as I become more experienced at the moment I just want to get my blog read x

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