Blogger tips to acting professional

Whether blogging is a hobby or your full time job, I believe we need to act professionally.

Whilst we can have fun, creating an online space and sharing what we love with the world, we have to remember that having an online space can bring a lot of attention.

Having eyes on you, you never know who’s reading your content or seeing your social media posts. It’s why I wanted to write this blog post and not alone.

When you speak to various bloggers, you find out we all have different opinions. We all believe different things. We work differently. I asked two bloggers to share their thoughts on acting professionally…



Tell us a bit about your blog…

When I started my blog, A Brave Star, I was wanting it to be a Travel blog, since I am a Flight Attendant. I wanted to post about the places that I would be going and where I’ve been, but it has since evolved into a hodge lodge of things! I currently have posts about Travel, planning and weddings, but I want to add some craft, organization, blogging tips and even maybe some beauty related things!

My blogging style definitely matches my personality! I have ADHD and so I am all over the place! That’s kinda where my blog has gone as well lol.


What’s one way you act professional? This could be when working with brands, with creating your content…

One way that I act professional is by making sure I am nice and courteous to everyone I meet! The way that you present yourself, whether online or in person, has an impact on how you will be treated by those people.

It’s like the golden rule, treat others the same way you would want to be treated!


What one thing would you recommend bloggers to use/have to act professional?

I honestly think the best thing to use for blogging is a computer! Yes, you can blog from your phone, but to make your posts look really professional, you should post them from a computer. It gives you the best idea of what the post is going to actually look like, you can format it properly and make sure the photos are the correct size!


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Tell us a bit about your blog…

I have been blogging on and off for about nine years, first starting when I was 14 years old on a school trip in Berlin – I was awarded ‘Official Blogger’ at the end of trip awards, who knew it was even a thing in 2009!

Now, I have deleted all other blogs I have had a long a way and I am putting all of my focus into Graphics By Soph which I launched on 22 July. It is primarily an information based website for all of my blogger related graphic design products, HOWEVER, I  have also introduced a little blog on the side. I think I have finally found the direction I would like to go with blogging and feel like I have ACTUALLY found my place here and found a really good groups of friends [that sounds weird, I don’t mean for it to sound weird!!]

Although it doesn’t have many posts on it yet, I have lots of big plans and I really want it be a place where primarily, I talk about all things blogging tips, but also, somewhere where I can debate some important topics that are on my mind. Finding your place in this sphere of blogging is important, make sure you are doing it for all of the right reasons.


What’s one way you act professional? This could be when working with brands, with creating your content…

For me, professionalism is about creating your own brand and treating you blog as a business. [If that is where you want to take your blog – I think it it totally ok to not do this is you have no intention of working with brands or taking your blog full time at some point in the future].

Personally, the blogging ‘world’ has become very saturated where only a small few break through. WHY? Because those people put their whole heart and soul on the table and have given 100% all of the time [or they bought their followers]. Not just writing posts, not just posting 20 million promo posts on Twitter [which is really counter productive by the way, I run a RT account (@InfluencerRT) and the amount of people who constantly spam the page all day with their blog links but have 0 interaction with any of their followers or responses to their content drives me mad – there is literally no point in doing that].

I think spending equal amounts of time on every aspect of it is such an important concept to understand. Whether that be to have your own logo, or certain image that carries across all of your social media sites to create a level of continuity. Media kits, Email Signatures, Instagram Highlight Logos, whatever it may be, you have to make yourself more original than anyone who has walked the path before you but also anyone who has yet to walk that path. Life, and in particularly blogging is cut throat, and to be the best you have to be prepared to work that little bit harder than the hardest worker and if you can do that, then to me, is acting professional. Oh, and not buying followers – don’t do that!


What one thing would you recommend bloggers to use/have to act professional?

Spell check and don’t rush. Anyone can write a blog post. Literally all you need is some form of technology and a blogging platform. It is SO easy,  that is why so many people do just that. However, to write a professional blog post, you cannot write it in a day, it needs careful planning, beautifully thought out words and meticulous editing.

You may not get it perfect first time, and that’s ok, everyone makes mistakes, I am nowhere near perfect. To be honest quite often, even after I have posted a blog post, I will go back, weeks or months later and make it better than it was before.

By presenting a blog post which has been carefully constructed, makes it stand out. Don’t be afraid to use appropriate stock photos to add to your full package, I wish I had known this when I first started. Now I know this, I can work towards perfecting my writing, and when I have got something I am happy with, I can then work on photos rather than burning myself at both ends!


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I loved Kacie’s point about staying professional online and offline. I’ve been in situations before where people have noticed me at events, despite not knowing them. Creating an online presence, also means you’re a walking brand. People will see you. Some may come up and talk to you. Others will take a picture from afar.

The impact has no limitation. Impact can happen anywhere at anytime, whether by spoken word or written content.


And I have to disagree with Sophie on something (Hey! I can’t agree with everything!). I think working professionally in terms of the content is different for everyone. Do you know it takes me around 15 minutes to write my blog posts? I think I’d overthink if I spent longer than a day writing a single post.

I feel the length of time has to represent you. It needs to have a value. I write my posts in 15 minutes, as that’s the way I am online and offline. I write as I would speak. Meet up with me, and I’d literally tell you a story, as if I’m writing a blog post.

We have to think about branding. Like Sophie said. I think we’re all brands. It’s that thing again that Kacie mentioned…the online and offline aspect. You bump into someone, are they going to know you or the brand behind the blog? The brand is you! You’re the content creator. You’re the face of your online space.


Acting professional doesn’t just come down to the content. How do you communicate with brands? Do you have a disclaimer? Are you aware of the benefits to having an email signature? Professionalism is everything we do.

Even responding to comments on your blog. Are you showing value to your audience by responding? Are you actually interested in what they have to say about your content; good or bad?

And to leave you on one final note…

Allowing someone to have an opinion is always professional. You don’t have to agree with someone, but acting professionally does mean you have to show people respect.


What does acting professionally mean to you? I’d love to know…



9 thoughts on “Blogger tips to acting professional

  1. Great post! Many things I know, but am glad to be reminded of!

    I wish posts only took me 15 minutes. I’m usually in the hour to several hour spectrum, especially with pieces that require research.

    Lauren //

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  2. What Sophie said about using stock photos is so true, and I’ve learned that Canva is my best friend for getting the appropriately sized photos for my needs. Thank you for collaborating on this awesome information on being professional!

    Liked by 2 people

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