Reasons I love blogging

Growing up, I kept myself to myself. I lost friends. I felt lonely. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to.

When I discovered the blogging community, I felt at home. Strangers were liking my content. People were asking about my life. I was making friendships with people who had similar interests. The blogging community accepted me for me.


I’ve never been a stereotypical blogger. I don’t have a niche. I don’t attend events. I’ve only just started working with brands.

There’s beauty in being different

My journey has always been unique to me. I haven’t followed the crowd. Whilst some bloggers are looking for floral backgrounds or visiting hot spots in the capital, I’m out and about just being me. There’s beauty in being different.


I’ve never been one to buy products for posts. I’ve only ever really spoken about things as and when they happen in my life or when they’reΒ relevant in my life.Β Whilst I was scared to do my own thing, people accepted this. I always say that you should blog for you, but as your blog grows, you begin to truly follow this. I didn’t at first. I was blogging for others. I was creating content people wanted.

The creative freedom

But, when I did learn that being yourself is the most important thing in blogging, I let myself be free. My mind felt at ease. I started to be creative with telling my story.


This week, I’m running a series, full of collaborative posts. The idea behind the collaborations were based on things I learned throughout my blogging journey, and things I’ve thought about recently.

(You can read the first post here)

When I think about something or experience it, blogging gives me an opportunity to share it. Blogging provides us with a space online to share who we are. I’ve always struggled to accept who I am, but blogging has made a significant impact in me loving who I am.


The personal development

Every picture in today’s blog post features a smile. Blogging has given me loads of opportunities. I’ve gained the confidence to deliver talks at conferences and universities. I’ve learned to open up about my past. I’ve teamed up with charities and individuals around the world.

Each day, we learn. We might learn how to engage our audience one day, and the next, we could be learning how to communicate with brands.


The 4 years (well, almost) of running a blog, I’ve completely changed. If you met me in 2014, I was quite a quiet person. I kept myself to myself. 4 years on, and I talk way too much, crack a joke daily about my lack of hair, and am always looking at ways to use my voice for good.

The limit is what we set it

I thought a month would be enough and I’d be bored of blogging. The fact I’m still blogging after 4 years shows the impact blogging has had on me. The limit is what we set it. It’s meant to be broken. Limits are meant to be pushed.

Pushing myself

Is it just me or does blogging push you to better your content and to always improve? At times, I disagree with this, but at the same time, I respond best whilst stressed. Pushing your content helps me to stay unique. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and thinking how would it fit into the blog.

The blog is me


The more I write, the more you all get to know me. My favourite part of blogging is writing about who I am, how I feel and my thoughts. My blog was set up originally to help others, but in the end, it’s helped me discover who I am too. That’s why I love blogging.

Why do you love blogging? I’d love to know.


38 thoughts on “Reasons I love blogging

  1. I love blogging because it’s just like having my own corner on the internet where I can write about whatever I want. And I choose to write about books, and nobody is like… that’s a terrible thought! I like the community on wordpress. On blogspot I had 10 followers but I felt invisible since I got crickets each post.

    Here I have more of an audience, and I like the steady followers that comment on my stuff each week. I try to pay it forward on Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. Last year I blogged so I could update my portfolio a bit when I was applying at newspapers. It actually helped me a bit, I mentioned it in my job interview.

    Now I’m trying to blog for myself again since I realized I was blogging for Netgalley books… I missed reviewing what I wanted to read. June was a great month of reading for me!

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  2. I love this post! And your pictures genuinely made me smile, it’s always so good to see people looking so genuinely happy in photos. I’ve only just started dabbling back in blogging after taking a break for a couple years, but I’m already enjoying writing things that I actually want to write rather than have to write, and I love the creative freedom. I definitely don’t fit in one niche, but I also don’t think I’d want to!

    Cordelia ||

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  3. This was deeply inspiring!! Congratulations on blogging for 4 years and sharing some of your experience. I blog because I enjoy it and I’m passionate about it. And there aren’t a lot of things I’m that passionate about, outside of my belief/faith. But I enjoyed this post, well written and unique xxxx

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  4. I love this! It’s so relatable. I think everyone can agree that blogging is our own little corner of the internet world where we can safely share ourselves without cruel backlash. The world today is quite cruel and yet we find such kind individuals online to share and connect with.

    Fantastic post!

    Lex | The Lady On Lexington Street

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am just a 3 month old blogger and it amazes me to see blogger like u accomplish happiness through blogging. I love blogging as well and I learned alot through it as well.
    Just like u, I was quite and reserved, but it feels good to be taken care by the people u have never met in real life. The blogging community is absolutely incredible and I too hope to accomplish what u have done in the years coming.
    Wish u all the best and awesome work. Keep goin and don’t stop writing.

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  6. Really enjoyed reading this. I feel your authenticity when you write, there is a real warmth about it. You have a real talent with words. Keep on blogging! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

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  7. I love this post❀️ thank you for writing it. It reminds me of my journey from
    blogging. It’s your own space to just be free (kinda of taking care of a house and building the foundation) πŸ˜€


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