Changing times with Adexe

I’ve realised I spend a lot of time on social media. Whether I’m scrolling, promoting my blog or checking a specific hashtag, it’s sunk in that things need to change.

Knowing I love tiny adventures and exploring local nature spots, when the opportunity arised to team up with Adexe, I jumped at the chance.


Their high-quality, sleek watches made an instant impact on arrival. I’ve always struggled with watches previously; to the point where I haven’t worn one for years. I find many watches tug at the hairs on my forearms.


Yet, from the start, the leather strap of my Meek – Grande Classic Black & White (recently added to their collection) provides a comfort I haven’t experienced with any watch. The minimalistic style of the watch, still captures an elegant and classy look, giving a polished finish to a timepiece that can be worn on many occasions (my girlfriend’s graduation is coming up).

The little adventures I’ve been on with the luxury timepiece so far have opened my eyes as well as to how the watch can help reduce my time on social media and to just enjoy the great outdoors.


I stare at my phone way too much. I’m checking for notifications every few minutes. I can now explore without pretending to use my phone to check the time, and to use the oversized roman numerals to feel confident on my journey’s and during family occasions.

The effortless timeless is a new addition to my accessories that I’m going to use religiously, and in time, use it to reduce my time online.

If you’re looking for a watch, I highly recommend Adexe. Not only do they produce high quality watches, they’re a dab hand too with their customer service.

So much so, that you can win your very own watch from their collection from tomorrow, over on my Twitter. #StylewithAdexe

* This watch was provided a part of a gift-based collaboration. No money was exchanged for the content featured in today’s blog post.




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