Expectations of bloggers

Posting ‘x’ times a week, having high quality content and being on social media for a certain amount of hours a day. We’ve even got to attend every event going.

The expectations of bloggers is unrealistic. Brands, readers and fellow bloggers forget we’re human. We all have lives outside of blogging. We have family we want to spend time with. We want down periods each day or week, so we can just chill.


Blogging is a lot harder than people think. It takes a lot of time to create a single blog post. We have to have the idea. We need to figure out how we’re going to bring the idea to life; photo location, type of photo, length of post etc. A lot has to happen for 500 words to come to the screen. A lot happens after it’s uploaded as well.

Do we need to post on social media ‘x’ times a day to get a single post out? Do we need to hit a certain amount of views on the post for it to be classed as ‘worthy’?


Why can’t we just blog? Why can’t we just blog and enjoy it for what it is? Why do we worry about algorithms? Why do we care? Numbers are just an expectation. An unnecessary one of that.

We don’t need to live up to the hype of what a stereotypical ‘blogger is’. We all have different journey’s. We’re individuals. We have different wants from our blog. We all create different content.

Some of us will have 100k followers, others will have 100. Some bloggers will have 1000 followers. Numbers are going to be different. We don’t need to hit 10k on Twitter to have quality content. Everyone can have quality content. ‘Quality’ will be mean something different to us all.

Photography is a skill some people have. Writing can be another skill. We all bring something different to the blogging world. We all bring different opinions. We all look at the blogging community differently.


We need to stop worrying about the stereotypes and the expectations of bloggers and to just get on with things. If you love your content, upload it. If you want to talk about a certain topic, blog about it. If you want to create a blog post entirely of photographs and no writing, do it! We don’t need to please others. Pleasing others is feeding into the expectation. We don’t need to do anything.

Don’t lose your identity! Don’t give into the expectation. Blogging events not for you? That’s fine. Because other bloggers are attending events, it doesn’t mean you have to. Noticed a product everyone is raving about and reviewing, but not your cup of tea? That’s also fine.

There’s so many expectations of bloggers, that it can become overwhelming. I’ve been overwhelmed at times. I learned to just sit back and remind myself of why I started this blog. Remembering why I started this blog pushes the expectations to one side.


I blog for me. I blog because I love sharing my life with others. I don’t attend events, because they’re not for me. I write reviews at times, because the product is relevant in my life at the time. I blog when I want. I post on social media when I want.

Why do you blog? Have you been overwhelmed with the expectations of being a blogger?






47 thoughts on “Expectations of bloggers

  1. It’s easy to get discouraged if we put too much emphasis on the numbers. I think it’s important to understand what your own definition of success is with your blog – what’s the mission you’re trying to accomplish? If you are doing it for you – that’s more than enough! and writing from your heart means you’ve met the most important goal of all.
    Joan Senio

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  2. I hear you. I like to keep things simple. It usually takes me only a few minutes to write a post. I get ideas just by living my every day life. I’m always thinking and what I think about becomes a post. If I don’t have any ideas, I never sit in front of the computer and try to force my brain to work. I just go right on living and a topic comes when I least expect it.

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  3. I’m one of the lucky ones and have hit DA of 15 and views of over 3000 in my first few weeks of blogging. I’m finding it hard work, but I have a mentor which I guess a lot of people don’t have and was a writer previously. I try not to let myself get pressured into writing every day but at the moment I want to! The only big thing for me is deciding if I want to Pinterest and YouTube. I’m so anxious about social networking and my insta, Twitter and Facebook is kinda good so I’m comfortably avoiding everything else until I feel ready!

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  4. All of the above!

    It’s so overwhelming, disheartening, enjoyable, rewarding and everything in-between. There can be an element of “I’m better than you” or “hobby bloggers shouldn’t be working for free.” Who the hell works for free. My time is precious, it certainly isn’t given freely.
    And breathe…..

    Great, honest post. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Not really overwhelmed, but a little bit disillusioned at how hard it is to actually get people to read my stuff.

    I work hard on my posts and my content, and I’m happy with my writing. But then I have to work equally hard to get it read. If there’s a day where I’m not so active on social media, my blog views go waaaayyy down.

    I’m not the only one, right?

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    1. It definitely takes time to get a loyal readership.

      I’m the same with the promotional side. My views are definitely lower when I post less, but that’s not a bad thing. It just shows you have a life outside of blogging. It’s genuine.

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  6. I recently wrote about why I write/blog. I guess somehow we still care about how out readers will react on every blog post we create. But wouldnt it be better to stay relaxed and just feel happy and satisfied that you blogged about your own happiness and liked topics? For me, that’s better! Some reader wouldnt stick around, but you cannot leave yourself hanging πŸ˜‰


  7. I love this post – I’m a firm believer of: ‘my blog, my rules’. After all, I’m really only doing it for myself about things that are making me happy! It is just an added bonus if others like what I wrote too πŸ™‚

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  8. Love this post. I blog because I like sharing my life with others, whether it’s a personal post or a factual post it always means something to me. I did get side tracked last month though with stats but now I do it for me πŸ’•

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  9. Great post! I blog because I love to write about things and take photos although sometimes I can really end up overthinking what people will think about a post, this post makes such a good point, we shouldn’t worry about followers and views etc we should blog because we want to πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve overthought a lot about posts in the past. Now my rule is to write it once and that’s it. I go with the heart, That way I don’t overthink whether the content is good enough or not.


  10. Very good post. I blog for myself and to leave something behind me when I’m gone that my children and grandchildren can dip into to find out about my life and the real ME. We spend so many years as, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers etc but so little time just being ourselves. I find blogging is a way of expressing the real me. I do check stats sometimes and am often puzzled that the number of views far exceeds the number of likes. Is this because readers actually don’t enjoy the post or do they just not bother to click the like button. I always try to ‘like’ a post if I enjoy it as a way of connecting with the writer. Maybe it doesn’t matter but it does puzzle me sometimes ~ a bit of insecurity creeping in!

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      1. That’s great John. We can easily spend our whole lives being all things to all people and never true to ourselves! For better or worse my blog is me x


  11. I really really liked this post… blogging is not easy at all..being a mom to a toddler, I hardly get time to be active on the social media all the time.. it’s also important to promote your post, like and comment on others post and so..n so..your post is an answer to all my concerns… we should relax and not worry much..😊

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  12. I definitely feel overwhelmed with blogger expectation. I really like this post. It is a good way to ground myself and remember why I started blogging

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  13. I started blogging recently as well and it is indeed a huge amount of work and dedication. The whole social media part is also really scary and overwhelming! When you read the list of all what you have to think about, you might just want to run away! And then you remember that you actually wanted to write to share ideas, opinions and emotions. As I just started, I have a very small number of viewers so no pressure really for now… but I really hope that the number of viewers and followers will grow as there is no fun on writting for yourself haha

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  14. I’ve often thought blogging is like spilling yourself into a massive black hole.
    It helps to be comfortable with the idea no one might read it.
    For me, blogging is a discipline in writing, a record of work, research and travels (with occasional forays into my neglected allotment plot.or beach walking)
    I fundamentally write for myself but it’s fantastic when people read and respond – that’s the absolute icing on the proverbial multiple-layered cake πŸ™‚


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