The songs that sing out to me

The moment you instantly connect with a song, that song sticks with you; in the shower, on the way to work, whilst watching TV. Music has a powerful purpose. It inspires us. The lyrics resonate with us. The moment we connect, the story is alive. Even more so with the Panasonic Wireless Speakers.

The offering of powerful, beautiful sound quality and sleek designs are a sentiment to songs I believe have sung out to me.

When life has gotten tough, I’ve turned to music. The lyrics of certain songs have reminded me of certain life moments and have shown me the way. Life gets tough for many of us, and it’s how we react that lights our world when darkness surrounds us.

Just like, James Arthur’s – Impossible

Remember when he won the X Factor?! He openly spoke up about his troubled past. The song ‘Impossible’ reminds me that when you think something is impossible, that it truly isn’t. It’s our mind playing games. The impossible is always possible, if we believe.

Don’t Stop Believin’, sung by – Journey, has to be one of my all-time favourite songs. It’s the feel good song that gets me off the sofa and either into the gym or on a mini-adventure. The pump I’ve felt from this song has helped me to complete 21 marathons in a wheelchair, and lift 100,000kg in the space of a day. I’ve listened to this song when I competed as an athlete, and I’ve listened to it when I’ve been low.

Who would have thought as well The Greatest Showman would have! I was bouncing in my sit when seeing the musical at the cinema, and two songs won me over;

  • This is Me

The icon song that’s all about accepting yourself and saying “This is Me”. It’s a song that instantly went onto my playlist a few hours after seeing the film, and the lyrics have stuck with me since. I’ve always struggled with accepting who I am, especially when it comes to body confidence, so the song is a reminder that I’m amazing, and that this is me!

  • From Now On

Another song that left me feeling amazing. “From Now On” reminds me a bit of the journey I’ve been on. My journey has been about self-discovery and once breaking a barrier, it’s the action/s after that’s brought the most joy in my life. “From Now On” reminds me to never not try, to keep persevering and to experience the journey.

It’s a glorious thing embracing your journey. It’s another using music to cherish every experience. Macklemore – Glorious, mentioned, “I feel glorious, glorious. Got a chance to start again. I was born for this. Born for this. It’s who I am.”

When I recently changed the direction of this blog, this song really sung out to me. The lyrics above reminded me that I’m born to do what I do. I’m born to help others. It’s who I am. I did feel glorious knowing I had a chance start again.

It’s amazing experiencing the powerfulness behind a song. Songs can make us experience certain feelings, and when I do, it brings back memories to points in my life.

What songs do you connect with the most and why?

*This is a paid collaboration with Panasonic.


8 thoughts on “The songs that sing out to me

  1. I love James Arthur but haven’t yet seen The Greatest Showman. I am going to have to watch it soon because I have heard so many good things about the film itself and the soundtrack. Music can make such a difference to your mood and thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration!


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