Collaborating with other bloggers

Giving your readers a fresh perspective is a reason I love collaborating with other bloggers.

There comes a time in blogging, where you need to switch things up. Change isn’t a bad thing; it’s good. A new perspective for your readers is rather exciting. Collaborations are exciting.

Have you collaborated before?


I asked this question the other day on Twitter, and more than half of those who answered, have not collaborated. I was shocked. I was stunned. Are bloggers no longer collaborating with each other? Have we lost the sense of ‘community’ in the blogging world?

I have to ask this question, as when I logged onto Twitter in the past, there’d be groups of bloggers working on a single blog post. Whether collaborating with 1 other blogger or a group, collaborating has a lot of benefits. A lot of benefits for everyone;

  • The fresh perspective for your readers keeps them engaged. They wonder what’s going to happen next.
  • You get to learn from one another. I love learning from another blogger. You can learn more about who they are, and their thoughts on a certain topic. You get to see first hand the length of post they write and how their content looks. You also get to learn how they communicate.
  • A new network is reached. A major benefit to collaborating with another blogger is the retweet option. When a blogger retweets, your content is being shared to a bunch of new potential readers. Bloggers like shouting out about who they’ve worked with.
  • A new connection is made. You may also make a potential friend. A lot of my friendships have developed from collaborating with the person.

The benefits are different for everyone. Each collaboration will be different. The reach will be different. The outcome will be different.

The person you collaborate with may have skills you don’t have; SEO, Photography, Videography, Writing, Social Media Engagement. The list of benefits are endless.

I also think, collaborating is a great way to show the blogging industry off. I believe by collaborating with each other, we’re showing the ‘community’ many talk about. But right now, I don’t see it.


I honestly don’t see the ‘community’ many talk about, as it’s becoming about the number of followers you have, DA, and who you’ve worked with, rather than the actual content.

Collaborations should happen because two or more people want to. It’s not hard. If you love someone’s content, message them. Ask them if they’d like to collaborate. If you know have someone you’d like to collaborate with, use the #BloggersWanted and #BloggersRequired hashtags. Find new content. Read them. See if you love them. If you do, ask.

I’ve recently done this with a series I’m running in July. I put a shout-out on Twitter, and a number of collaborations have formed. (You can use my contact form, if you’d like to get involved)

Collaborations are a great way to have fun and enjoy the content you create. When you have little time, collaborations are a great way to continue producing content for your readers.


So, how do you make collaborations happen?

  1. Before you put a shout-out on Twitter or contact someone on social media or via email, know what you want. Have an idea in mind. Know the kind of content you want to create. Also, know why you’re wanting to collaborate. Don’t just collaborate for the sake of it. Give it purpose. Have a reason.
  2. Once you have the idea and know the ideal outcome, shout-out about it.
  3. Whether it’s with someone you know, a blogger whose content you love or someone who has responded to your shout-out, remember you need to find the right person/people. Have a process to finding the right person. Recently, I’ve asked for their social media links and blog link. I like to look at people’s content before revealing all the details.
  4. Find a way to write the blog together. If you live in the same area, amazing! Meet up with them. Have a drink and talk about the content. If you live close by, it’s also a nice opportunity to take the pictures for the blog post together. If you don’t live close by, I highly recommend using Google Docs. Google Docs is a document which you can share with others, you can both edit the document, and you can also see the document’s progress.
  5. Talk about the networks you have. Each blogger will have a different network; online and offline. You’ll both know different blogger retweet accounts. You’ll both know different hashtags on Twitter and on Instagram that have worked for you.
  6. Ask if they’d like to collaborate again. Whether it’s next week, next month or just whenever you have an idea, keeping everything open is a great way to build a relationship with the person. It’s a great way to stay in touch.

Now you’ve read this blog post, would you consider collaborating with another blogger? Have you wanted to collaborate with someone, but didn’t know where to start?


In some way, I hope this blog post has helped or given you an insight into the benefits of collaborating with other bloggers.

Like I said earlier, I’m running a collaborative series in July, and am looking for more people to get involved. You can use the contact form to get in touch.

Happy collaborating!



14 thoughts on “Collaborating with other bloggers

  1. I love collaborating with other blogs. The opportunity to share that creativity and information and network is priceless to me! Plus, I learn so many cool things from each person I’ve collaborated with. Awesome post!

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  2. Such a great post! I’ve never thought about collaborating with other bloggers before, mainly because I didn’t know where to begin but I would definitely be interested in doing some collabs now. I didn’t realise there were so many benefits!

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  3. Great post and very refreshing (I love finding posts on topics I wouldn’t have considered). Do you feel that there is any drawback to doing a collaboration at a certain point as opposed to another? For example, if I just started started blogging and only have two posts so far, is that too soon to reach out for a collaboration?

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