5 tips for newbie bloggers

When you create a blog, there’s a buzz around actually having a blog. You startย  knowing the content you want to upload. You know where you want to go and have some exciting plans.


Take it slow

A lot of bloggers rush into it. You don’t need to blog daily when you get started. You don’t need to focus on gaining 100 followers in your first day or your first week.

Taking it slow allows you to gradually understand what is involved in blogging. Blogging isn’t just the writing. You need to promote. Your blogs need photos (if that’s what you want).

Just write

Don’t worry what anyone else is doing. The beauty of being a newbie blogger is that you can just write and experiment with content. Just because someone has written an amazing blog post, doesn’t mean you need to do the same as them.

Find your individuality. Write a few blog posts, and you’ll start to understand how you want your blog posts to look, how long you want them to be, and the topics you want to discuss.

Be yourself

The most important tip of all; be yourself. Be true to yourself. Write from the heart. Speak up about the topics you feel passionate about. Start your journey as yourself. As your blog grows, your audience will know you.

Having the relationship with your readers is a beautiful thing. It’s a friendship like no other. Relationship building brings people back to your blog. People who you build relationships will share your content. Brands will take notice.

Keep it simple

When you start blogging, I highly recommend not having a schedule. Schedules early on can be daunting. It also sets an expectation from the very beginning. No one expects you to write 3 times a week. No one expects you to be on social media every waking moment.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the start of your blogging journey.


You’re a blogger! SMILE! You have an amazing opportunity to do some amazing things with your blog! You’ll make friendships with like-minded people. You’ll connect with other bloggers around the world. You’ll talk. You’ll email. You’ll get to share your life with each other.

Blogging is one of the only things I’ve stuck with in my life because blogging is like nothing else. You get to develop as a person. You get to learn things about yourself you never knew. You get to create.

To all you newbie bloggers reading this post, welcome to the blogging world!


43 thoughts on “5 tips for newbie bloggers

  1. Hi John! This is my first time on your blog. I like your format with the quality photos. Helpful advice! Like you said, itโ€™s all about the writing. My writing now is better than when I started blogging. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, Cindy. I think our writing will always develop as we blog more. Thanks as well for the format/photo comment. The format and photos is something I really like to focus on in my blog posts.


      1. I loved these tips ! So true and just what I needed to hear ! Iโ€™m new to blogging and I definitely agree … just take it slow and write . And have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. absolutely! totally agree on this,

    Just started blogging 2 months ago, I want my page to be as simple and cleanโ€™ and of course a meaningful content. I really enjoy my journey so far from simple coding to increasing my FTPs( actually till nowโ€™ i still have difficulties on this, lol)

    I write about mental health
    hereโ€™s my page..


    god bless!

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  3. Stockpile ideas as well. Get a little writing pad and jot down ideas. That way when you are feeling a little uninspired you can go down the list and you have some writing prompts!


  4. This is so refreshing. It is so different from everything else that gets put up – have a minimum of three articles a week, pin everything three million times, go like five hundred other bloggers and hope they like you back…

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    1. I like to be an individual. I just write what I feel, and it’s something I highly recommend others do. Just do you and blog the way you want, without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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  5. I feel like I am trying to do what I can to have a successful blog. Everyone keeps saying I need this and that, but honestly I like that you said I should slow down. I have since I started my blog and it has helped tremendously. Thank you for your tips.

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  6. Couldn’t agree more with what you said about “just write”.
    I’d been writing about sports for 1 and a half years and wanted to write about something else I was passionate about but didn’t think it fit with the blog. Eventually found an angle I could use to write about it and got such good feedback I decided to branch out with the subject and not worry about if it fit with my initial focus.
    Half a year later and those posts are generally my most successful and have brought me the most opportunities moving forward!


  7. I really, really appreciated these tips after launching my blog last weekend. Thanks for reminding us all to keep calm and carry on with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Slowly, slowly, catch a monkey!


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