Cycl WingLights review

Seen on Dragons Den, CYCL recently got in touch inviting me to try out their WingLights Pop indicators. Similar to the indicators you have with a car, WingLights are designed to provide cyclists with a safe alternative to hand/arm signals on the road.

WingLights are waterproof, shockproof, and fit in any straight handlebar. I spoke to my Dad about the product (he’s a keen cyclist), and he came on board as my model for the review.

My Dad’s 68, been cycling for years, and knew his opinion, on top of mine would be very honest. Both of us have never heard of indicators for your bicycle before, so we were keen to give them a try.

Heading out at 10pm one evening, we wanted to put the visibility to the test.

In the evening, WingLights are very noticeable! The compact nature of the lights were easy to install, and their use on the road at night is paramount to increasing awareness of road safety for cyclists.

“​Every year, there are approximately 19,000 accidents involving bicycles on the UK’s roads, with 75% of them occurring at junctions and major turns. CYCL aims to reduce this figure by helping to improve cyclists’ visibility in these dangerous areas and scenarios. When using WingLights as a supporting visual aid, you increase the likelihood of being seen by drivers and other cyclists. This ultimately lowers the chances of potential collisions and also helps to increase your confidence when riding.” – Taken from the CYCL website

How visible are they on the road?

The video above shows their high visibility, but…

How knowledgeable are car drivers with WingLights? My Dad and I had this discussion. We both believe that this product will increase much needed road safety awareness for cyclists, but we do need to educate car drivers of the product?!

You can see my Dad turning left in the video above. As the car approaches, it breaks. I wonder whether they knew what was going on and what the WingLights were/meant?

It’s really my only worry about these lights in the dark. Whilst we’re increasing road safety for cyclists, are we increasing awareness for car drivers? I’ll let you have a think about this.

Any difference between night and day?

To be able to give my full opinion about the WingLights, my Dad went out on the Bank Holiday Weekend to see how visible the lights are during the daytime.

They are visible in the light. Both my Dad and I just believe they don’t stand out in the light. Yes, just like in the night-time they can provide safety for the cyclists using them, we can’t fault that. It’s just a question whether they’re visible another in the light?

I wanted to put this to the test one last time…

Close to where we were taking all the photos/videos, there was a shaded area close to a subway, with light patch. I wanted to show you all 3 scenarios and how the visibility becomes more noticeable at points. (Excuse my Dad’s talking)

What are your thoughts? Would you try the WingLights?

Despite the few worries, my Dad and I both agreed the WingLights are paramount to increasing road and off road safety for cyclists.

Cyclists need more support on the road, and CYCL have created a product that can do this.

With a few changes to the visibility in natural light, this product would be amazing.

If you’d like to check them out for yourself, you can do so via their website

*CYCL got in touch to ask if I would review this product. They requested photo and video content on this blog and my social media. The product was gifted in exchange for the content. No money was exchanged.


2 thoughts on “Cycl WingLights review

  1. It’s surprising that something like this isn’t already available. Looks like a ‘must have’ for cyclists and motorists do need to be aware too. I can see the potential.


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