Photo locations and blogging

Finding the right location for a photo shoot can be a tricky task. It’s a task however, I love to do.

Recently, I’ve been out and about more. I’ve been revisiting favourite locations (there’s a blog post all about it – click here to see it), and also visiting new places.


How do I know when the location is right?

I figure out the content I want and then research for a location. At the moment, a lot of my shots are taken by the sea or in a woodland area. This is the content I want, as this is my favourite place/s to be.


When there’s not much there…

I find sometimes the greatest shots come from the most ordinary of places. It depends what you want and how you see your surroundings.

I was out and about yesterday, and the sun was shining down onto the log below. 1 second late, I had an image in my mind and how I can use the image for my content.


Not everything has to be for your blog…

I was thinking about this one last night and it influenced today’s blog post.

When I’ve been out and about in the past, all I thought about was content for the blog. Natural thoughts, right? Your blog needs content.


I’ve been thinking of late about social media. Profile pictures and content to express how I feel. Just for social media use.

My profile picture has been changing quite a bit recently, but life is always changing. I’m always changing. I want my content to reflect this.


An authentic mirror

What I mean by this, is what you see is what you get. The person you see in the content is an honest reflection of who I am.

Visit locations that mean something to you, best show of your voice and content and are a representation of who you are.


Think outside the box

I’m starting to do more brand reviews and collaborations. Just like content you make for yourself, think outside the box.

The one part I love about shooting in different locations is I’m gathering content that’s unique to me, and that in itself is thinking outside the box.

What does your blog represent? How are you portraying your thoughts on a brand/or product through your images?

I like this one I recently took of nakd Wholefoods. (You’ll read more about them in the next 10 days)


Create the content you want

Probably the most important one of all. Create the content you want. Figure out where works best and go for it.

Don’t hold back. Let your creative juices flow.

Think something will work? Take the shot.

Think a location will work? Go there and see what you can create.

Have a blog post you so want to write, but don’t know where to shoot? Research.

What I love about photography is the freedom to create. I use my surroundings the best I can, and the shots included in today’s post I absolutely adore.


If you ever want any advice, I’m always here to help. I hope this blog post helps.


23 thoughts on “Photo locations and blogging

  1. I too always think about blog content, I rarely ever create just for my social media. I’ll definitely bear in mind the tips in this post in the future when choosing where to take photos. Great post! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve only just started creating content for social media only πŸ™‚ I think for me it was a way of continuing on from my blog posts or using them just to share my thoughts.


  2. I usually find my β€œaccidental” photos are the best. I always fail if I try to take an artsy photo πŸ˜… I love photography because you don’t have to stick to strict rules.

    Great post! What camera do you use? πŸ˜„ – Reb / Blogger Kind

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  3. Think its so important that your photos are a true refelction of yourself and are authentic like you said! Also photos dont just have to be for your blog, i take tonnes with profile pics, banners etc . . . in mind and also some just because I enjoy photography!

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  4. Great thoughts as always. I’m a long way from this although I use my photography/designs as inspiration for the blogs I write although not sure how interesting they are to others I still enjoy writing them & creating the photos & designs.


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