1 week since relaunching my blog

It’s 1 week since my blog’s relaunch! How time flies by?!

It’s weird thinking that within the last week, 5 blog posts have gone out (including this one).

Last Friday, I shared the reasons why I stopped my fundraising challenges.


(Read the post here)

On Monday, I talked about 10 things you should know about me.


(Read the post here)

Wednesday, I done something different. I only uploaded images for my 5 Hampshire locations I love.


(Read the post here)

Lastly, yesterday, I provided some top tips to choosing the right locations for your photoshoots.


(Read the post here)

The content above was not the content I used to upload. It is the content I now love to create.

Having much more freedom to create the content I want, it’s now giving me the opportunity to love life.

I’m not saying my fundraising challenges weren’t enjoyable, I’m just saying I was restricted to what I could do. Now, I have no limitations. I can take the products I’m reviewing with me on my little adventures, I can create more content based on who I am outside the charity world, and I can talk about any topic.

I think you can tell that with the range of topics since the relaunch.

I just want to be me and this new direction is giving me that. It’s going to keep giving me the opportunity to share with you who I am. Yes, I’ll talk about my life events, but when it’s relevant. What’s relevant right now is my happiness and sharing how I’m happy, why I’m happy, and how I’m using my happiness to bring my cheeky smile out.

I have no regrets! 

It’s as simple as that. I decided to turn my back on some life-changing plans, but it’s time to focus on me and to continue looking forward.

I for once in my life made a decision for me, no-one else. I’m incredibly proud of that! For so long, I focused on making others happy, and now I’m making myself happy.

It’s time to focus on me. It’s time to focus on the things I love outside the charity world. Like I’ve said before, this won’t stop me from an occasional project. I just don’t know when that’ll be, and right now, I’m not planning anything like that. I’ve turned down all opportunities thrown my way linked to the sector, as my free-time now is for me, my family and friends.

I hope you’ll be joining us for the little adventures we go on, and you’ll get to know who I really am.


2 thoughts on “1 week since relaunching my blog

  1. I for one absolutely love the direction your blog is heading right now and I can’t wait to see what you post next!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk


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