It’s time to let John Sennett free

I want to start the new direction I’m taking this blog, but being honest with you all.

If you’ve been following my journey for a while now, you’ll know I’m an open person. I’m much happier to say things as they are, as I want you to know what’s going on in my life. This is why I started ‘The story of John Sennett’ in the first place. I want this space to be an honest representation of my life; the highs and the lows.

By people’s reaction, the recent change was a shock. I didn’t anticipate sitting down one afternoon to message all the charities I was going to support this year, and tell them that my plans are no longer being followed through with.

Please understand, it wasn’t an easy decision. If I had hair, I would have pulled it out. It was a stressful decision. To be honest, since starting my fundraising year, I’ve been stressed quite a bit. Loads actually.

I knew this year would bring a lot of long days, meetings all over the place and constant days where I’d be pitching to brands for their support. I was more than happy to live this life until I was actually living it.

I was bored of it! I was fed up! Sending emails day after day, spending hours on end in meetings every week; it took it’s toll. I started to see/feel my identity slip away. I was smiling and joking at meetings, but deep down, I knew it wasn’t working.

I struggled to accept this. I didn’t want to accept how I felt. But, how can I make an impact if my heart isn’t in it? The longer my year went on, the more I hated it! I never say the word HATE!

Meeting up with friends, spending time with my girlfriend and family, and the main topic of conversation was ME! I began to become arrogant. I was only ever talking about my challenges. Who wants to be this sort of person?! Because I don’t! I REALLY DON’T!

I want to be someone who loves life. I want to explore. I want to be able to rest when I want without the worry that I’m not going to hit a fundraising target or I haven’t posted on social media for a few hours.

This is meant to be MY STORY. Not the story of someone I’m forcing myself to be. That isn’t fair on you. It’s definitely not fair on me. I don’t want to create content that isn’t me. I don’t want to limit the number of tweets or Instagram posts I upload a day because I’m thinking too much about branding or worried I’m taking my content away from receiving potential donations.


Yes, I know I’m known for the hours I’ve given to the community, but there’s so much more to me.

Did you know I like Musicals? Are you aware I was born on Valentine’s Day?

I want to create content where you can experience what I experience. I want to write reviews about places I visit, food I try and my thoughts about the world.

I want to share my likes and dislikes. I want to talk about my lack of hair. I want to talk about body confidence, day trips, and my lifestyle.

The story of John Sennett is my online space. It’s a space where I get to bring my offline life into the online world for all to see and read. I want to look back at my content and remember what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

I want ‘The story of John Sennett’ to be an online journal. Whether I’m posting daily, every few days or once a week, I want you to get to know me.


5 1/2 years I’ve dedicated my free time to charitable work. It’s now time to focus on me.

This is a massive life change, but a life change that’s needed. It may not make sense to everyone at this present moment; it doesn’t make sense to me either, but I know this is the right move.

It’ll take time adjusting to my new content, as I need to understand where I’m going with it all, but I’m excited for it. I’m excited to just live my life.

To everyone who has supported my journey to date, and to all of you reading this blog post, thank you. Thank you for sticking with me whilst I go through this change.

The next blog post will be LIVE on Monday,where I’ll be sharing 10 things you should know about me.


15 thoughts on “It’s time to let John Sennett free

  1. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your decision and after spending 5 plus years devoting yourself to others it’s good you are now taking the time to devote some to yourself! Looking forward to reading more!

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  2. I can sympathize with your loss of identity, because that’s something I’ve struggled with for the last four years. It’s amazing that you put so much time and effort into assisting charities, but sometimes you just need to step back, take a deep breath and do something different for a while. I know this was a decision you didn’t make lightly, but everything happens for a reason. This will without a doubt, push you onto better things – enjoy the journey x

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  3. Good for you John! I’ve been following your posts for a while and it’s inspiring to hear how you are making changes for your happiness, it’s something we should all strive to do!
    Looking forward to the next post. As it’s on things we might not know about you as the blog author, I’ve always wondered about your non-blogging and non-fundraising side of life! I’d love to know if blogging is your full time job or if you have a day to day job as well? I don’t think I could ever fit in all the things you manage!!


    1. Thanks Stacey! So glad you’ve stuck around.

      Blogging isn’t my full time job. It was hard doing my fundraising challenges and trying to work, so decided to focus on one. Now, heading back into employment and my blog will be my hobby on the side.

      Would love to monetise the blog, but not yet.


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