The battle to the halfway mark

Snow, wet weather, postponed marathons and a mentally breaking John, this challenge has certainly begun to test me.

Who would have thought the beast from the east would reappear? We never get snow down here in the south, so when it hit, I was gutted to have to postpone 2 marathons!

Mentally, it made an impact. I didn’t want this time off. I wanted to complete these marathons in the time frame I set, but I couldn’t.

I was worried how much of an impact it would have, but once parts cleared, I was back on the track to continue what I started!

It was finally time to complete marathon and with a sub 4:30, I was definitely feeling good!

I felt empowered. I felt motivated knowing I didn’t end the fundraiser due to the snow. I just pushed it back. Yes, it now means I take away some recovery time from my next challenge, but I’m not stopping. I’m finishing this challenge!

The challenge will now finish on April 5th! The track is closed over the bank holiday coming up, so there’s 4 more days being added to the final days.

It all got interesting during marathon 10! Despite smiling at the beginning, my mood quickly changed.

I started to overthink. I remembered how lonely I’ve been on the track. I see the same thing over and over again. I’m doing the same lap all the time, just with a slightly different amount of stress on my body.

I can’t express how happy I was when it was over. January’s challenge was greatly impacted by my mental health, and I didn’t want to happen again.

Receiving this message from Paula Radcliffe, definitely lifted up my spirits.

Everyday when I turn up to the track, I judge how I feel and what target I’ll see for the day. Most of my targets are time related, and it does help. Whether I aim for a sub 4:30 or an 8 hour marathon, I go off how my body is feeling.

As this challenge is 21 days long, I can’t go and smash a marathon in a quick time, if I know my body won’t cope the next day.

That’s what’s helping right now. I’m timing things just right. I’m injury free. Yes, I have some cuts and blisters, but my body is doing good. This challenge really is a mental challenge from now on.

As the days pass, my confidence is growing. I’m a non wheelchair user, taking on a wheelchair fundraiser and with very little training, I’m proving myself wrong.

12 marathons down and I’m using another tough life moment as influence, and supporting others with Chron’s Disease.

The wheelchair breakdowns. The tire replacements. The weather. The loneliness. Nothing is stopping me!!

Help me to raise £21,000 in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK, by donating here.


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