It’s much more than a physical challenge

When I decided to do this challenge, part of me thought I wouldn’t last.

Tomorrow, will be day 7 and I’m still going strong!

When you do anything new, the unexpected can prove challenging. I’m not a wheelchair user, not built for this sport, yet I’m using my love and want for helping others as my main motivation.

As each day now passes something happens…

Most of the time, it’s the wheelchair having a tyre or foot plate issue, or the rain is causing havoc with my grip, but I’m working round it.

Nothing was going to go smoothly with this challenge, yet the people around me, like Ryan, are helping me to not feel alone.

This isn’t stopping my mental health from appearing though. 105 laps each day took it’s toll the last few days, to such a point I questioned my life.

Having students from the University of Winchester come say hi changed it! One thing I love is talking to others about what I do.

Today was no different. Media coverage is now lifting off and with 3 interviews today, the message behind the challenge is getting about.

Pictures like this are only going to help! Having a GoPro strapped to my head was a completely new experience and something I won’t forget!

This challenge is going to plan in some ways, but in terms of awareness and donations we could do sooo much more!

If you’d like to donate to my fundraiser, click here. All proceeds go to Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

If you want to raise awareness, please use social media as much as you can and if you know someone who works in the media, send them my way!

I really want to thank everyone for their support so far! I check them all the time and the messages always bring a smile to my face.



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