TOMORROW, my sister’s Crohn’s becomes my influence

You’d think I’d be rather nervous going into tomorrow, but I’m actually pretty relaxed. I know tomorrow @ 9am, it’ll be the start of my 21 day fundraiser in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK. You can donate here.

2205 laps of the Winchester Sports Stadium’s athletic track will be no mean feat. I’m aware it’s going to hurt. I’m aware at times my music playlist won’t be enough, and it’ll be me against the distance. I’m up for this! I’m ready for the challenge!


What is 105 laps a day? What is half of your day going round and round the same track? Maybe 12 hours? It’s motivation. It’s the boost I need to educate the nation. It’s what I need to do for me. My family. Rosemarie.

The struggle. The tears. The unpredictable weather conditions. My focus is finishing each day. As I cross the finish line, I know it’ll be time to rest mentally and physically and do the same again.

Whatever happens, I’m ready to give it my all! This to me is my biggest fundraiser of 2018 and also my most influential.


I’m vocal on my blog. I’m passionate about what I speak about. It’s time to yet again turn my idea into an influential action. A negative story into positive influences.

I may have had a tear writing this blog post, but it’s all worth it. The emotions are worth it, if it means I help others with my sister’s story.

I don’t know when my next blog post will be, but please keep up to date with everything on my social channels, share as much as you can and donate where you can.



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