72 hours to go

In just 3 days time, I’m taking on 21 marathons in 21 days in a wheelchair, in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

Having taking the last week and a half off to rest, I visited the track today to put the final touches into place.

Am I prepared?

To be honest, no! This challenge was always going to be the hardest challenge to prepare for as it had the least amount of time available. Add in meetings, planning other projects; including my 2019 plans and the prep needed for this project and the time has been limited.

Adjusting to new movements

I’m not a small guy. Getting into the wheelchair is a challenge in itself. You can see from the pictures above. It’s tight. I’m squeezed in.

I’m 6’1, 14 1/2 stone. These wheelchairs are not built for someone my frame. I’m unable to fully bend over. I’m unable to have a perfect technique.

I’m working with what I have though. I’m doing my best. I’m not a professional athlete. I’ve never used a wheelchair.

My sister is my motivation

As the day has been getting closer, I’ve been thinking more about my sister. I’m thinking more about my sister’s story and how sitting down with her recently to listen to her story really helped me to relax my mind. Yet, still giving me a motivation boost when needed.

What happens happens

All I know is when the challenge starts on Saturday, my focus is to make it to the end of the day and take it as each day comes.

The weather, the condition my body is in, I really don’t know what’s going to happen, but like anything else I do, I’m going to give it my best.

I have 105 laps every day to complete, 2205 in total. March 10th – 31st, £21,000.

Big goals. Big challenge. Anything anyone could do would be amazing.


Want to come down? I’ll be at the Winchester Sports Stadium.


Want to share my progress? Connect with me on social media and share away.




Maybe you’d like to donate? You can by clicking here.


One more blog post will be going up on Friday before the challenge starts and I’ll do my best to update everyone regularly.

Thank you to everyone who has already send me messages of support.



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