Life as an individual fundraiser

Some days are good, others are bad. Sometimes I question why I do it. 90% of the time I’m excited.

Being an individual fundraiser means I’m the sole person writing emails, managing social media, doing research and then actioning all the fundraisers. That’s just the start.

It’s a lot of work!!

It takes a lot of time doing all of the above and making it personal to you.


I wouldn’t change it! Doing everything on my own is teaching me a lot about fundraising and also myself.

It gives me a daily reminder as to why I do what I do and why I’ve chosen to work with specific charities.

Negative experiences REALLY are my influence

As the daily reminder makes an appearance, I remember all the crappy times growing up. I remember how I felt when I was bullied. I can recall how I reacted to the news my mum had breast cancer.

These moments have turned me into the person I am today.

It’s given me scope. An insight into the darkness and also the light. An understanding at the impact of seeing a smile appear on the face of someone you’ve just helped.

The greatest gift is ourselves

We know ourselves better than anyone else. When it comes to being an individual fundraiser you start to see the brand behind what you do and the voice you want.

You’re essentially your own judge; the ideas, the actions, the evaluating. We learn as we understand the brand behind everything.

Taking the journey for a ride

What we don’t know won’t hurt us, but what we do know could be magic. Taking the journey for a ride, exploring new routes, finding unique ways to bring our ideas to life; everything has a beautiful expression behind it.

It’s exciting to have the freedom

Freedom really does excite me. It excites me to let go of my feelings and to create something more powerful from them.

We’re all unique and on our own paths

Not one fundraiser are the same. Fundraisers have different goals, aims, preferences. Fundraisers have their own reasons for helping charities and why they’ve chosen to support them.

I choose mine based on my story. My story is my goal. It’s my fuel. The fuel that creates more and more paths.

The path I’m on is right for me.

I believe in myself. I believe I’m doing is what’s best for me. What’ll best support my 5 year plan. The plan each year.

Own your traits and quirks

Remember, be you. Fundraising is allowing me to embrace who I am; good and bad, and to create something magical from ‘The story of John Sennett’.

I have one goal. I have one journey. I am John Sennett.


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