Learning to swim at 26

I’m 10 lessons in with Wessex Swim School, and things are changing. My mind-set is conquering the fear. My body is naturally accustomed to water and my confidence has grown to a point, my instructor doesn’t need to be in the pool with me.

When she mentioned in a recent lesson, “John, you’ve got further than many adults do in their lifetime”, I was taken back. They’re big words, knowing I’ve feared water for so long. I’m not the only adult though who has feared/still fears water.

Speaking to others recently, it’s not uncommon for people to dislike the pool or to not be a confident swimmer. When I started this part of my journey, it wasn’t just about the fundraiser in aid of Guide Dogs. Another goal was to inspire more people to conquer their fears.


We are our own greatest barrier. We decide whether we get out of bed. We decide what we do each day. We decide what fears to have. We have the power to control our mind, and to become the fear.

Now, I’m 10 lessons in, things are becoming technical, and I’m becoming my own fear again. I’m learning about breathing patterns. It’s showing the level of stamina I have, and how I’m more confident underwater, than I am when it comes to breathing. *I REPEAT, I HAD/STILL SORT OF HAVE A FEAR OF WATER!! HOW AM I MORE CONFIDENT UNDERWATER?*



I’m finding it fascinating to see my own progress. It’s amazing to see how I’ve gone from a scared person, to already have some confidence in the pool.

100 lengths is tough for many, but with the support from Wessex Swim School, this is happening!

I’m remembering someone I lost, by taking myself out of my comfort zone, but when you love someone, you do your most to show it.

If you’re reading this and inspired to take on your fears, go for it! Turn the fear into a positive influence and create a memory for yourself.

Don’t forget…age is just a number!

*This post is in collaboration with Wessex Swim School.


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