I LOVE sharing my story

I LOVE sharing my story! I LOVE opening up about my life! I LOVE seeing the impact telling my story has on others! It feels my life with joy. I feel like I’ve done good. I can fall asleep happy. I can wake up the next morning with motivation. I know what to do. I know how to express myself.

I don’t know what I’m going to say until I sit down and start typing away, but I feel this way my blog is authentic. It’s unique to me. It’s personal. It allows me to share how I feel at the time I’m typing.

Loving my story took me time. I remember my first personal story was my mum’s cancer battle. I remember sharing how I felt as a kid. I felt helpless. I didn’t want to take the focus away from her.

As I started to discuss this more, I shared my bullying story. I shared how I was verbally abused for most of my childhood. I’ve shared stories on losing my best friend, the loss of my nan, suicide, and also positive stories about becoming a world record holder, my volunteering, and how public speaking helped me to find my voice.

In true honesty, everything has helped me to love my story. If you haven’t already, read my last post on the ‘5 things that have changed my life‘.

I have more personal stories coming up in the next 2 days. My next swimming update goes live. I FINALLY share my sister’s Crohn’s Disease story. That’s never been done on the blog! I love this! I love that I’m able to open up about certain stories when the time is right for me. I’m less than 2 weeks away until my next fundraiser, and it feels amazing, that I’m now speaking up about my sister’s story. I’m speaking up about how within the space of a few years, her life completely changed. 19 diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. 21 suffered a stroke.

April, I’m speaking up about how sport helped my mental health, during my childhood. How sport gave me a sense of purpose. A sense of freedom. Sharing my story gives me a similar freedom. I feel free when I type. I feel a sense of purpose after a meeting, knowing I’ve shared my story, and in some way it’s impacted the other person.

Did you know my Dad has battled cancer too? That’s another story coming up! A lot more has happened than I’ve shared  on this blog. Loving my story to me means sharing the parts of my story when the time is right. My fundraising plans this year have allowed me to plan out when the time is right.

March – Sister’s Crohn’s Disease/Stroke story

April – How sport helped my childhood mental health

May – My Mum and Dad’s battle with Cancer

June – How sport made me feel part of a team

July – Flash’s story

August – My body image/self-love journey

September – How school impacted my suicidal thoughts

October – My bullying story

November – Feeling lonely throughout most of my life

December – Wanting to run away

These are some really deep and personal stories, but I really do love sharing them. I love turning my past into positive influences, and this is my mission.

5 years…£1,000,000!!

A mission where I’ll be embracing my story more and more, as I take on ‘stupid’ challenges, and finally put my life experiences to bed.

When you share your story, remember the positives. Remember you’re still here. Remember you have an opportunity now to share them (when you’re ready!).

My name is John Sennett and I LOVE SHARING MY STORY!


One thought on “I LOVE sharing my story

  1. If you love sharing your story, that’s what our site is about! We’re a community based on shared experiences, advice, and creative work focusing on mental health and self-management. Take a look around and get in touch if you want to get involved!

    All the best,


    Off Your Chest team


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