The impact fundraising is having

As I sit here, after yesterday’s birthday celebrations (yes, I’m a Valentine’s baby!), I’ve been wanting to write a post on how fundraising is helping me as a person.

We all know the benefits fundraising has for the charities we support, but we tend to lose ourselves in the mix of things.

This year is all about MY story. My 5 year plan is all about MY story. This mission I’m on, isn’t just about raising £1,000,000 for some incredible causes, but it’s giving me an opportunity to find out more about myself.


I feel better in myself…

Since starting this journey, my health has significantly improved. Yes, I was already in decent shape, but for my mental health, this mission is doing wonders. I do have my down days, which is expected with such big goals, but in terms of my confidence and openness, it’s helping me to love myself more.

Body image and self-love has always been an issue for me. It’s always been something I’ve worried about FAR too much, but this mission puts aside what others think of me, and provides me with a stepping stone to loving who I am and embracing my quirks.


I’m a brand…

I’m a brand. I provide a service to those I support. I’m a product waiting to be bought. Everything I do is focused around ME. I’m a brand. A brand that uses his own personal story to help others.

Since starting this mission, I’ve started to really understand what goes into branding, and how the way I speak online, what I turn into content, and what I say in conversations; on the phone, via email or in person, really matters to the goals I’ve set.


I’m more ambitious….

Ambition has been something I’ve wanted to have, but when an idea has come to mind in the past, I’ve either put it to one side or left it for far too long, that it’s no longer relevant.

£100,000 in 2018.

£250,000 in 2019.

£1,000,000 by 2022.

They’re not small amounts. For one person to achieve this, it’s going to take everything. When I thought about how I wanted to help others after my volunteering stopped, I knew I wanted to go big. When I volunteered, each role taken on was a progression from the last. When I helped to organise a few events, I knew a world record was the next step.

2018 is not only showing my ambition, my drive, but it’s showing the mentality fundraising can develop.


I’m no longer a nobody…

I mentioned this in a meeting 2 days ago, and yes, for so long I was harsh on myself, and felt like a nobody. I felt I was being swallowed by big groups around me, but not anymore. I’m somebody! I’m John Sennett!! The fundraising plans I have are REALLY putting me in the limelight, and the self-belief I need to pull this all off is there!


Growing in confidence to reach out…

The plans have also given me the confidence to continue something I started. I love collaborating with others. I love being able to put MY story into a brand’s story, and really turn it into a powerful voice.


2018, 2019, 2022, whatever the year is, MY story is now my focus. The focus is to turn my story into a form of inspiration for others, and these fundraising plans are doing my story justice.

Fundraising is already helping me to do what I love and to do things bigger than ever before.

Over time, I’ll be sharing…

  • More about what inspired me to create this 5 year plan
  • Reasons behind each challenge and the personal stories behind them
  • Why my blog’s “One Goal. One Journey. One Man” motto has more importance than  you may think
  • Who I’m teaming up with to make this plan a reality

Exciting, exciting, EXCITING!! Fundraising really can create some magical moments for you, and it’ll create magical moments for you too! Just wait and see…



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