My 5 year plan…


5 years, £1,000,000, a lot of lives changed; including mine. When I decided to take on my £100,000 year this year, I knew I wouldn’t want to stop there.


This past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes on my long-term plans and how branding behind my actions will come about.

My branding is MY STORY. My story is a collection of life experiences; good and bad, that are being turned into moments of happiness, as I take on some seriously tough fundraising challenges to inspire more people to use their story for good.

January, obviously didn’t go to plan. Injury forced me to stop my first fundraiser, but I’m again, back in full training. 5 – 6 days of training; some days with 2 sessions; shows I have intent. I intend to continue what I started and to enjoy this new journey I’m on.


Changing from volunteering to fundraising has definitely been a learning curve. I’m 1 man. I don’t have a support team. I don’t have a team of staff in an office sorting out partnerships, sponsors and the general day to day tasks needed to be completed to make this year a success.

This year will be a success! Next year will be a success! 5 years time will be a success!

Each year, I’ll be getting deeper into my story, and how each experience has influenced my journey. I’ll also be taking on harder challenges. Challenges won’t just be monthly. There’ll be weekly challenges. There’ll be world record attempts. There’ll be international challenges.

I’m really thinking long and hard about how I can make this so personal to me. The challenges need to tell my story. Domestic violence, alcohol addiction, just two topics others in my life have experienced. I want to talk about them. I want to raise awareness.

But first, 2018 is here. I’m very excited right now about the future. I’m excited to see my brand developed. I’m excited to raise £1,000,000 for charity. I’m excited to impact lives. I’m excited to work with others to raise awareness, to create discussions, to start movements.

I want a lot, but I know I can do it. I know when my heart is set on something, it’ll be achieved. It’ll be achieved as I know my story. I saw the impact it had as a volunteer, and when I was running John’s Road to Volunteering. People were interested. People wanted to know my volunteering experiences. People are now asking about my fundraising. People are asking for my help. I will help. I’ll do what I can. I’m 1 person with a voice. I’m 1 person with influence.

I’m also 1 person who doesn’t take on the unknown, as I am the UNKNOWN….




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