First training week of 2018

Things didn’t go to plan at the beginning of 2018, but I’m trying to forget this and carry on.

This past week, I’ve been back training. Training for the year ahead (not sure what I’m on about? Click here). 11 challenges, 12 months. I’m taking on the unknown a lot. I’m not a rower. I’m not a cyclist. This year isn’t just about me. Yes, it’s about my story, but it’s finding ways of telling my story that connects with others.

Each challenge tells a different part of my story, and knowing my original schedule has changed, and 10 challenges in 10 months are now ahead (excluding my 2018km in 2018 fundraiser), I’m now training for multiple fundraisers at once.

My 190 hour row in aid of Place2Be, will see me row as far as I can for 8 days (including breaks – I’m not that mad!) Starting lightly with a 3 minute row, the training will gradually be built up to a few hours of non-stop rowing.


I’ve never been a massive fan of rowing, but knowing this year is to take myself out of my comfort zone, why not? Why not tell the story of how children are at school for 190 days during their academic year, and how each day, somewhere in the UK, a child will not be getting the support they need.

It’s like when I started with Pavilion on the Park. I bang on about it all the time, but the support they gave me was life-changing. It’s why I decided to continue with my walk, but in a different way.

I’ve been back on the road this week, but only short distances (5 miles at the max). I need to keep moving. I don’t want my foot to stiffen up. I want to put weight through it, as it won’t improve without movement.





To keep me motivated, I visited one of my favourite places in my local area, Weston Shore. Weston Shore has great memories for me. It was the first place I was invited to as a special guest, and the views are stunning.

Putting my headphones and walking up the coast, gives me time to think. It helps me to clear my mind. Helps me to realise why I’m doing all of this.

It’s not just my story I’m sharing after all.


This is my trusted friend. We’re taking on 21 marathons in 21 days. Oh yeah, it’s also being done in a wheelchair.

My sister used a wheelchair for a number of years after her stroke, and it really impacted our family. The hospital visits, the worries, the stares by many, it’s hard seeing someone go through something you don’t really have a lot of control over, but just by being there, it helps.

It’s why I’m doing this challenge. I’m raising £21,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis UK to share her story. To use those hard times, and helping others through a similar process. Crohn’s has bad and good days. You can’t predict it. It happens when it happens.

But, I still have a choice. I could sit back and let it happen, but that’s not me. I don’t let illnesses win.

Completing my first 400m this past week was really insightful. 21 marathons is going to be freaking tough. A lot tougher than my walk. I can do this though. The extra 2 weeks worth of training could be vital.

It’s the same with my swimming. Being back early means I get more time in the pool. I was asked this past week, which challenge I believe will mentally test me the most? The 21 marathons will test me, but nothing compares to the story behind my swim.

I need to thank Flash. I need to. I REALLY need to. His smile kept me alive. The cuddles I received made me forget what happened every day outside the 4 walls. Flash was my best friend. He still is. He’s my brother.

Conquering a fear will always be tough. Stepping into the unknown will always be tough.


We make a life for ourselves when opportunities arise. 2018 is my opportunity. I have a story to tell, and it’ll be told.

Whether it’s the 1000 mile cycle for YourSimpal


Whether it’s one of my other challenges….

Every opportunity is an opportunity. Every opportunity to share my story; there’ll be someone impacted by the outcome.

2018 is my year. It might not have gone to plan in the first few days, but I’m back on course.

Be on this 2018 adventure with me, and let’s together, raise some incredible money for some incredible causes.

*My next fundraising page will be live in UNDER 2 WEEKS!!*




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