Remembering my journey

I haven’t been myself lately. I’ve felt lost. Stressed. Out of my depth.

2018 is meant to be my year. January 1st – December 31st, every day telling a different part of my story, and raising funds for various charities in the process.

I was hit for six. I didn’t expect this. Getting injured on January 2nd started the deterioration of my mindset. I was gutted. I didn’t want the fundraiser to end. I wanted to push on. Good thing I didn’t. My doctor stated on Monday, I would have been out for potentially 6 months if I continued.

6 months?!! 5 fundraisers down the drain!! I’m glad I stopped. Yes, I regret having to make the decision, but at the time, it was the right thing to do.

I’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions along my journey. Some decisions have been easier than others and some I’d rather just forget.

Projects haven’t gone to plan, others have been a success, but I  remember that I never gave up! If plan A didn’t work, I created a plan B. I like to think I’m learning more about myself with every decision made.

The time when I delayed a world record attempt by an hour to allow decisions to be made. That day, we got the record!


Pictures taken by Sonar TV

I do what’s best for me. Sometimes I need time to think, other times the decision is quick. I remember going to Pavilion on the Park for my first volunteering opportunity, scared at the unknown, to realise when I walked through their doors, I was home. I wanted to be part of their family. I still am. 5 years on, and I still love the charity.


I love doing this. I love looking back at my journey. It gives me a boost of motivation when I really need it. I’ve made my journey what it is. I’ve taken on roles best suited for me. I’ve gone from a shy young person, into a confident man.


Pictures taken either by Forum Business Media or Southampton Solent University

I couldn’t really speak up about my life when I first started, and yet here I am today, openly speaking up about mental health and other tough life experiences I’ve had.

I remember March 2017 very clearly. It was the first time, I shared my mental health story. In the space of 24 hours, I had given a talk at the local university, told my family for the first time about my mental health, and openly spoke up about it online; to see a friend openly share their story for the first time after.

This journey has been an amazing one. Yes, it’s had it’s downs, but my journey wouldn’t be what it is today, if I never experienced them.


The down moments spur me on. I continue even when people have doubted. This blog, the podcast chat I had with vinspired, the articles I’ve written for charities around the world (check ‘press’ page for all the links), are all part of this wonderful journey.

Volunteering Saved my Life.jpg

I’ve learned more about myself thanks to the charity sector. The individuals I’ve met along the way.


The people I’ve connected online. The people who’ve helped me to launch million reach campaigns. (Find out more about those campaigns here)

I’ve found my voice in this world. A shy, young man has now found his feet on this planet and is doing what he loves the most.

OK, my year of fundraising didn’t get the best start, but I’m still going. John Sennett doesn’t stop. I find a way to make it work.

You can now read my FULLY UPDATED fundraising plans here


Remember, my name is John Sennett, and this is my journey.


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