Thinking about the year, not just the walk

I knew it was going to be tough, but nothing prepares you for the actual challenge like the challenge itself.

I never anticipated to be hit with an injury so early on, a storm that’d blocked my path, and as a result, mentally I couldn’t cope.

Mentally, 2018 was going to be a challenge from the offset, and I have to hold up my hands and say, ‘I wish I could have done more!’. I’m harsh on myself as 2018 is my year. I want it to be. I know it will be. I still have 359 days to go, but, at the time, I needed to make a decision based on my current health.

If it was 1 challenge, I might have decided to continue, but as I have a year of fundraising ahead, a decision needed to be made based on the entire year, not just the walk.

My foot is hurting. A few stumbles during the second day, an unplanned 27 mile walk, and a crawl under a tree, hit my body too hard. I need to rest. I need to recover. I don’t have that option with 3 marathons in 3 days planned. I was meant to do these marathons starting tomorrow, and that would have pushed me off the edge. My body wouldn’t cope. I needed to listen to my body. I needed to listen to my mind.

I have other options. There’s other ways for me to raise £100,000 in 2018. I’ve already started working on some alternatives, so expect something LIVE next week on social media and on here.

It’s a lot of work planning 11 challenges in a year, so my mind has to continually think of unique and individual ways to share my story with the world.

The layout of my year might slightly change. Some fundraisers might combine, others will be brought forward, to enable my body to rest and recovery and to compensate the days missed.

I am sorry for ending my walk early. 6 months went into preparing for it, but it was out of my hands. Nature beat me.

But I will be back….

March will see me take on 21 marathons in 21 days in a wheelchair to raise funds for Crohn’s and Colitis UK, and in the next week, I’ll be announcing a BRAND NEW fundraiser joining my year of fundraising schedule…

Don’t worry, it’s an online fundraiser (foot gets to rest for a while)…


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