Tears, Storm Eleanor, uncertainty…

I knew the first days would be hard, but nothing compares you for an emotional rollercoaster.

I’ve wanted to quit, which has surprised me. Training went as best as it could, but until you’re on the road, nothing compares.

Nothing compares to crying mid-route, going into a restaurant asking to use their toilet, and crawling under a fallen down tree, just to stay on route. Thanks Storm Eleanor.

The worry has been my foot however. A few mishaps on day 2 has left me with an uncomfortable right foot. I’ve carried on regardless, but it has taken a toll on me.

Nothing else is really hurting. Muscles are just sore. Mind is being battered.

What do I do? I’ve only just started! I’m already up against it! Thursday morning, I couldn’t even move my foot. I thought that was it. Should I listen to my body or challenge it? 

Day 3 and 4 were on my own. That’s been tough. 22 mile day, followed by a 28 mile day would have been too much. I cut it down. 28 miles would have broke me. My body isn’t ready for that. My foot wouldn’t cope. 650 miles will still be walked. Plans have just changed.

I plan to keep going. If I can’t move my foot, then I have to stop, but otherwise I’m carrying on. I’ll do what I can. I’ll take breaks when I need them.

Let’s just hope I won’t be crawling under a tree again or stepping into a deep puddle with an unbalanced surface underneath. 

Maybe you could help? Would you like to walk with me? Maybe donate and give me a boost?

You can donate here


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