My fundraising year begins…

Waking up yesterday morning, it didn’t really feel much different. I knew something special was about to begin, but my body and mind didn’t really think about it. Not until I said goodbye to the one I love and off I went.

10am on January 1st 2018 will now always be a memorable day. I’ve never truly pushed myself to this extent. I love helping others and knew this walk would inspire others to trust in their ideas and to make them happen.

The hard part before this walk was both my mum and I crying. I know my family worry about my safety with this walk, but until I give it a try, I won’t know what’ll happen.

I haven’t walk this distance before. I’ve never been past Birmingham, so when I took my first steps today, it then hit me.

It hit me that my story has already had an impact, but I want more. I want more for the people who’ve supported me, so when I saw 1215 views between 10am and 5pm, my mission had already started.

My dad for example. He hasn’t always supported what I’ve done, but he started the walk with me today. Influencing my family has always been a challenge, and yet this walk, it’s shown me what the Sennett family can be.

Pavilion on the Park welcomed me into their family 5 years ago. Its why I’m doing this walk. Just by letting me be me, I was able to find out who I was and make a bloody big impact in the process.

Debbie was at Pavilion on the Park in 2012, and here she is supporting the walk and walking the 2nd half of today’s walk.

Volunteering brings people together. It brought Debbie and I together.

Walking with Debbie today, I was able to switch off. I didn’t worry about the blog, social media, I just got on with the task.

Just under 16 miles was the distance today.

I feel good. Sore, but good. Knuckling down to the task at hand, I can do what I want. I want to create memories. I want to inspire;myself included.

Finishing day 1 has left me eager for day 2. Not really looking forward to the 7:30am start, but it’ll be another day closer to helping a charity I owe so much too.

Help me to make this challenge so memorable and lets kick start my fundraising year off to a blinder by raising £10,000 for Pavilion on the Park.

You can do so via the link below;



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