A mentally challenging day

Twists and turns…is what I saw for the majority of yesterday’s 27 mile walk.

I didn’t feel too bad in the morning (despite not being a morning person), and set off from Winchester to Basingstoke, ready to tackle day 2 of my 30 day adventure from Southampton to Aberdeen.

It didn’t go according to plan though. It hurt…a lot! Taking a wrong turn early on, what was meant to be just under 22 miles, ended up being more than a marathon! I’ve never done this distance, not even in my training, so once I realised what happened, mentally the challenge was on.

Having Jessica walk with me helped. It helped having someone to talk to. There’s around a foot and a half height difference between us, so I did lose her a few times; even when she was stood next to me.
Joking aside, well not aside, as early on in the day, I spoke to SamFM Southampton/The Breeze, about my challenge, and how it all came about. Speaking to the media is a funny one on route, as you’re adding an extra element into your day. Add in the fact the route today had very little signal, it was definitely funny stopping at a bus stop, to speak to the presenter.

When I finished today, I was relieved! I missed my first TV appearance due to logistical issues, I nearly fell over a few times (actually did once), was walking in the dark (had my trusty head light on, and just generally, despite feeling good, had enough.
Mentally this challenge has just begun, but as each day passes, I’m only going to fight more to get to the finish line.

Short blog post today, as I need my rest, but to leave you on a positive, I just had another world record application accepted! More news on this coming in Feb!
As this is for charity, it’d be amazing if you all could donate; something small or big, to help me raise £10,000 for the charity I started my volunteering journey with. 



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