It’s time!

In the next 24 hours, my year of fundraising will begin!

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes for most of this year to make 2018 happen and now it’s here, boy am I excited! I’m also nervous, I won’t lie.

Dedicating myself to such a big year will take everything I have, but it’s going to be so worth it.

I’ve challenged myself to 11 different challenges for 11 different charities, as I want to spread love around the world through the power of storytelling. I want my story to help people in ways communities are built and friendships are made, so everyone has a person they can turn to when help is needed.

The people I’ve met along my journey have helped me to realise who I am as a person, and as I prepare for a relaxed evening in, seeing in the New Year with my favourite person, I know my journey is about to help more people than I can imagine.

10am tomorrow, it all begins. At 10am in Southampton, I’ll be starting my walk to Aberdeen with my dad, before I head to the charity who started this journey with me.

2018 is going to be a special year, and one I’d love for you all to be part of?!

The next blog will be on January 2nd, with the start of me documenting my trip to Aberdeen.

Thank you to everyone who have already shown their support to the walk, and if you’d like to show support and donate, you can via the link below;



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