Deep breath

In less than 2 days now, I’ll be setting off from the Bargate in Southampton, unknown to what lies ahead.

2018 is a big year. It’s a year, I’ve probably set my most ambitious goal to date, and with the size of each challenge, I’m going to need every ounce of strength.

It’s a lot of pressure not knowing what’s ahead, but I’m doing my best to keep myself together. It’s not going to happen all the time, so I’ve accepted that. I know there’ll be days I struggle. It could be day 1, maybe day 20, but whatever day it is, my focus is the outcome.

My focus as I wake up in the morning will be to finish the day. When I finish the day, I know I’m closer to reaching the end goal. I want to enjoy this as well. I want to enjoy exploring the UK. I’ve never done this before, and knowing most of the route I’ll be going solo, the belief I have needs to show. My hard work these past 5 years finding John Sennett needs to pay off.

I really do love what I do. I love sharing my story with the world, and raising awareness. I love doing it, as it gives me freedom to be myself. The freedom this adventure brings is undeniably a great feeling.


I get to meet so many people over the course of the year; the many friendships that’ll be made, reunions with friends and family members will happen, and it’s also time for me to let go.

This to me is my biggest pressure.

I know each challenge will be tough, but it’s the emotions I’ll be facing is what scares me. Each challenge might show how I’ve come out on the good side of many tough life experiences, but for me to let go, I need to feel like I once did.

Climbing peaks in the Lake District in February… I’ll be trekking my way to the top, showing those who are either being bullied or have been previously, they can still stand on top and be proud of who they are. 

Swimming 100 lengths in July, means I can say thank you to my best friend, Flash. My emotions will be all over the place, knowing I’m taking on a fear for the one who saved my life. 

Growing like I have in the charity and blogging worlds, I learned my greatest gift is my story. My story, even with all the emotions, is what drives my motivation. It’s what drives me to help so many people.


One tear in 2018, could bring smiles to many faces. I love seeing smiles appear through my actions. I love seeing people happy.

Doing this epic adventure makes me happy. I might change my mind half way in; maybe I’ll grow some hair, but the important part is bringing light to households around the UK.

I had very little light during my childhood and teenager years. I shut myself off from the world. I don’t want to see anyone else go through what I went through. I don’t want people to feel similar to the way I did, and no longer wanting to be here.

I’m taking deep breaths in, as it’s nearly here! My £100,000 fundraising year is only a matter of hours away, and the nerves are now kicking in.

All I’m going to say is whatever happens, I’m going to give the next 12 months everything I have.


If you’d like to support my 650 mile walk fundraising from Southampton to Aberdeen, click below and help me to raise £10,000 for Pavilion on the Park (the charity I started this journey with)





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