What my 2018 looks like

As 2018 gets closer, so many thoughts are running through my head. The main one is what will my 2018 look like?

Heading into the New Year with my most ambitious plan to date, I’ve also set-up a few year long *secret* projects. The *secret* projects will act each day in 2018 as even more influence, and despite the extra workload, it excites me that I can finally share my story with no barriers.


2018 is my way to bring every experience I’ve had and to use it to help others. This is what I do. This is what I love. I love being able to help others. I love speaking up about the toughest times of my life to make things happen for other people.

Just by wearing a charity t-shirt in the gym the other week, someone came and spoke to me. That’s what I want. I want people to see, hear, feel something and know there’s an opportunity to use it to impact the world.

I didn’t know this until I actually started giving back. When I did, my mindset changed. My outlook was to help as many people as possible. 2018 will help a lot of people. I’ve planned my fundraising year out, so not only is it personal to me, but each experience has the opportunity to shine. To impact. To create a movement of discussions telling people it’s ok.

My secret projects focus on this. They show the community I have around me, and how a story can bring people from all walks of life together to celebrate the meaning of community.

The charity sector took me in when I was in need. I was at a point in life I didn’t know which direction to go in, yet the opportunity I was given has changed things for me. I now know who John Sennett is and I know what I need to do.


I’ll be standing outside the Bargate in Southampton @ 10am next Monday morning, knowing once I start, that’s it. Walking through the city centre of my hometown, emotions will be all over the place, but it’ll be one of the greatest memories I’ll have. Walking through the city centre knowing my life will change, the motivation to make this year memorable will be rushing through my body.

I’m ready for this! I’m ready to capture every moment of my year, and say..

“This is my year!”

“One goal. One Journey. One Man” it’s not just my blog’s motto, it’s a statement. It’s a statement highlight that the journey I’m on has it’s bumps. My goals will take hits from left, right and centre. But, I’m John Sennett. John Sennett doesn’t stop!! John Sennett is on a mission! £100,000 bring it on!

My year in selfie project starts on January 1st. (Oops shouldn’t have said that!)

The start of writing my book starts on January 1st. (Double oops!)

The biggest year of my life starts on January 1st.

Come on this journey with me. Hear me shout about my story from the rooftops. It’s a year to remember. A year for all of us to work together and make an impact.


Let’s do this!! Come on 2018, I’m ready…


If you’d like to donate to my 650 mile walk in January, you can via the link below; 



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