How I planned my 2018

I want something personal to me. When considering what to do and how to do things next year, I figured it had to have a meaning. A meaning with a purpose.

Using my story as purpose.


When I gave time as a volunteer, it became clear. Good, bad or ugly, experience is experience. Experience educates. Education raises awareness.

2018 is my experience.

Your education.

The world’s awareness.

Birthday’s, deaths, the times of struggle; they helped with the layout. The layout is my emotional rollercoaster. I want to be emotional on January 1st. I want to be overwhelmed. I want to show myself how far I’ve come.

My own actions inspire me. It’s my story. I need to believe in it. I do believe!

The year of fundraising celebrates my life. It brings all of my experiences back; together. Back in a big way. A big way that’ll help more people than I’ve done so previously.


My 650 mile walk unites family. Seeing my sister for the first time in 2 1/2 years will feel amazing. Getting to meet bloggers I met online will be amazing.

650 miles is a long way, but the goal is January 30th. I’ll be on the plane back to London with a smile on my face, knowing within a month, many are inspired.

Inspiring others is my goal.

As each month passes, the stories get more personal. Untold stories are told.

February – Bullying

March – Crohn’s Disease

April – Suicide

May – Cancer

July – Fears/A man’s best friend

August – Body Image

September – Childhood Mental Health

October – Feeling included through sport

November – Loneliness

December – Running away


Life really has been up and down, but the above shows you the extent of my journey. It shows you how far I’ve come.


2018 is a chance. My opportunity.

8 days time, it all begins and the power of story-telling is seen and heard.

If you’d like to donate to my 650 mile walk, you can via the link below…



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